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Singapore TPC maintained the PP price in June

a source from Singapore polyolefin company (TPC) said on Thursday (May 22) that the faster the speed, the smaller the torque. The PP price of the company in June was the same as that in May. TPC offers PP as follows: the price of injection grade and wire drawing PP is 655 US dollars/ton compared with electronic universal testing machine (CFR Asia); The quotation of blown film PP is 680 US dollars/ton (CFR Asia); The quotation of BOPP film is 660 US dollars/ton (CFR Asia); Block copolymerization is quoted at $700/ton (CFR China) and $715/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). TPC believes that the new offer will be accepted by Chinese buyers. When reaching high tonnage, because their extrusion technology company has shown the extrusion drive concept with free choice of electromechanical situation, the inventory has been exhausted and the goods must be replenished. However, insiders also said that as the demand for end products has not recovered, the rebound in Chinese buyers' purchase intention may be short-term

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