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Beijing announces new regulations on the use of polyurethane materials in building materials with mixed feelings

recently, the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development issued a notice on the "50Hz catalogue of building materials promoted, restricted and prohibited in Beijing (2010 Edition)", and announced the catalogue of building materials and related instructions. It is understood that the building materials promoted, restricted and banned in the catalogue cover polyurethane materials

among them, sandwich panels with metal panels directly connected to rigid polyurethane foam are restricted for the first time and are not allowed to be used in temporary residential buildings. The catalogue points out that the combustion performance of sandwich panels directly connected with rigid polyurethane foam can not reach grade A, which is prone to fire accidents. In the Interim Provisions on fire prevention of external insulation system and exterior wall decoration of civil buildings issued in 2009, it is pointed out that the standard of metal faced rigid foam polyurethane board stipulates that the combustion performance of core material is grade B1. However, according to the market inspection, the combustion performance of polyurethane materials is generally class B2, which is difficult to reach Class B1. As the metal surface layer of temporary buildings, this kind of sandwich panel has very fast heat transfer speed and it is very difficult to rescue in case of fire. Therefore, it is strictly required to use the metal surface sandwich composite panel with non combustible research results and national invention patent materials (such as rock wool)

therefore, the catalogue issued this time requires that this kind of sandwich board is not allowed to be used in temporary residential buildings, and the alternative material should add inorganic lining board on the inner side of the metal surface to ensure that the fire resistance limit of the wall meets the requirements of the fire protection design code, or use rock wool board with class a combustion performance. The notice stipulates that the design of this material will be stopped from July 1, 2010, and will be banned from September 1, 2010. Therefore, it will not be used in construction projects in Beijing

in addition to the restriction of sandwich panels connected with rigid polyurethane foam, tar polyurethane waterproof paint is also listed in the catalogue of prohibited building materials. However, polyurethane materials also appeared in 41 kinds of promoted building materials, including spraying polyurea waterproof paint, elastic polyurethane floor materials and other polyurethane related materials

the description of the catalogue shows that the spray polyurea waterproof coating, which has been used in Olympic projects with good results, has non-toxic and tasteless coating, high tensile strength, wear resistance, flame retardancy, uniform thickness, fast curing speed, insensitive to moisture and temperature, high strength, high elongation, excellent low temperature performance, good flexibility, good thermal stability, and solvent-free, It does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can be increased when the engine is running at a low speed. It is pollution-free, environment-friendly and conducive to construction environmental protection. Spray polyurea waterproof coating is applicable to the waterproof construction of building engineering roofs and exposed concrete structures

and another material promoted - elastic polyurethane floor material, which is applicable to indoor and outdoor floor coating of civil buildings. According to the data, this material has good mechanical properties, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, freezing resistance, aging resistance, chemical medium erosion resistance, light pollution prevention and other characteristics

in addition, it is not allowed to be used in pipeline insulation works. The insulation effect of resin rock wool is poor, the production process consumes energy, and the construction process is harmful to workers' health. The new regulations recommend polyurethane insulation pipes as alternative materials

the notice points out that the project designed in violation of the regulations will not be issued with the "construction drawing shooting document review certificate", and the purchase and use of prohibited or restricted building materials products will be fined

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