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Single glass touch technology distracts the whole shift of the importance of the supply chain

the terminal price of touch products is getting lower and lower, and the touch products with the largest cost share require different fixture panels, which has become the main bargaining target of brand customers. Recently, touch providers have constantly teased the topic trend of single glass touch solutions (one glass solution; OGS or touch on lens; TOL), and have a big battle on technological innovation; Zhanghengyao, chief technology officer of CHENHONG touch panel factory, believes that whether single or double glass touch panels have their own appropriate product markets. However, he mentioned that OGS or tol will gradually mature in the future, and the importance of controlling IC, full fit and explosion-proof film industries will shift

at present, among all kinds of projection capacitor structures, double glass touch bonding substrate (g/g type) and glass and film touch bonding substrate (g/f type) are still the main ones. In response to the requirements of smart phone and tablet PC customers for cost control of touch panels, we have begun to actively move towards single-chip touch glass solutions, but the technical threshold is high, and we will face the chain reaction of touch sensitivity, panel hardness, light transmittance and other industrial chains

at present, OGS or tol has not only strong hardness and technical threshold. In terms of touch sensitivity, almost no control IC factory can solve the physical noise problem of LCD and power supply. It is also the key to glass touch control with advantages of high precision, wide speed regulation range, compact structure, convenient operation and stable performance. In other words, the technical cooperation of IC design companies is also the key to whether OGS can truly become the mainstream application of touch panel

it is worth noting that although OGS relatively reduces single glass, it will finally be covered with a layer of explosion-proof film, but the explosion-proof film is prone to yellowing, uneven yield, whether in the future? AMOLED panel or single-chip OGS touch, which is vigorously developed by Samsung Electronics, may move towards the full lamination process. If the use of explosion-proof film is omitted, it will undoubtedly benefit the full lamination factory directly

a large proportion of the enhanced contact is the hardness of the control panel caused by the fatigue failure of parts, including Youda, CHENHONG, LG display, Samsung Electronics, etc. all plan to directly purchase Corning gorilla reinforced glass products as the touch substrate, which is different from Shenghua, Dahong, Huaying, etc. cutting the whole piece of reinforced glass, which can increase the panel strength of the single glass touch scheme

Shenghua is the fastest mass production of OGS at present, and has been adopted by Hongda dianye lighter, salsa, Samsung, Nokia and other medium and low-level smart models. Chen Hong internally divides the single-chip touch glass scheme into touch on lens, that is, the outreach Club purchases gorilla to make reinforced glass, and? 茷 h is the OGS production line that the subsidiary Dahong now has, that is, the traditional reinforced glass cutting scheme similar to Shenghua and Huaying

interestingly, the current whole piece of reinforced glass is more effective in the yellow light process, and the problem faced by the panel industry is that if the cut reinforced glass is used for OGS, it is bound to encounter problems in the yellow light process, and the production efficiency and equipment will be affected. The touch panel industry pointed out that almost no manufacturer can propose a solution. It will take some time for the technology evolution of OGS, which can be truly adopted by medium and high-level touch products, to solve the problems of hardness, touch sensitivity, tightness and light transmittance

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