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With one hand focusing, the lighting can also be far and near freely. Klarus carriz fx10 focusing flashlight evaluation

evaluation video

in recent years, klarus carriz's large and small flashlight has also used several different models. It can be said that they know and pay more attention to klarus carriz's products. The first time they contact klarus carriz is from xt1c small tactical flashlight. It's quite good to use klarus carriz's unique dual tactical switch for the first time, The distinctive operation mode and convenient and intuitive control made me deeply like this unique control mode. Later, I joined xt2cr with the same control mode

recently, the focus flashlight fx10 newly released by klarus carritz also adopts the rear tactical double switch mode. The difference is that there are more side key functions and focus functions, and the handling and use scenarios are more diversified. Next, let's talk about the klarus carriz focusing flashlight fx10 in detail

the packaging is not introduced too much, but the usual packaging style of klarus carriz. Fx10 has a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens, a length of 140mm, a lamp cap diameter of 35mm, and a barrel diameter of 25.4mm

in addition to micro USB charging cable, spare waterproof ring and hand rope, the original accessories are also equipped with a flashlight cover

the barrel and battery cover are exactly the same as the X series style of previous generations using 18650 batteries. I tried the tail cover, which is exactly the same as xt2cr, and it is completely universal. The lamp cap is larger than the straight flashlight. The focusing method adopts the left-right rotation operation method, which is different from the pulling method adopted by the general focusing flashlight. This rotation operation method is easier to control with one hand. Only the focusing flashlight has a common defect, that is, the waterproof performance is seriously reduced. Several brands of focusing flashlight I have used before have the phenomenon of leakage and disappearance of the lamp cap. For the specific waterproof effect of this fx10, please see the following I will do a long-term immersion test on it

tail tactical double switch is a major feature of klarus carritz, which is its own patented switch. The handling is really good, but for crystalline polymers, the fan-shaped button of fx10 feels better than my xt2cr. When I just got the xt2cr, the button swayed up and down, left and right. I corrected it myself. The serious excess capacity caused the market price mechanism to begin to distort. The change was in line with my usage habits and had better control. I don't know whether it was an example or the reason for this batch of goods. This fx10 doesn't have this situation at all. It feels good when it leaves the factory

the side press switch can be used alone or in combination with the tail switch. There is a function of displaying the battery power in the middle of the button, and the current power will be indicated by different colors. The lock function of the side key is very good. When you go out and carry it, the lock button can prevent you from accidentally touching and turning on the flashlight. If the flashlight with the side key function does not have the lock function, the occurrence rate of opening it by yourself in the bag is still very high

the self-contained micro USB charging port is much easier to recharge the flashlight, and there is no need to carry a battery charger with you. Here I want to focus on the charging port waterproof plug of klarus carriz. It is very simple to close and open. It can be said that it can be in place in one step. When closing, it is very firm and I won't worry about touching it. I haven't seen this situation in xt2cr for a year. Personally, I think the design and practicability of klarus carriz waterproof plug can be said to be much better than that of many other large domestic brands of flashlight

the lamp wick uses the Cree x experimental purpose (1) to determine the strength limit r of gray cast iron material during shrinkage (2) to inspect and analyze the deformation characteristics and fracture morphology of gray cast iron material during shrinkage P-L hi v3led, the lens is convex and concave, and there is no light cup in the lamp cap because of focusing flashlight

when leaving the factory, the battery is pre installed in the battery compartment, and there is a plastic gasket at the negative pole. When it is actually used, remove the gasket and start to use

0.18 ~ 0.20 used for both positive and negative electrodes are copper spring contacts, and double springs can better prevent poor battery contact caused by flashlight collision

the original 18650 battery has a capacity of 2600mAH. The capacity is a little low. Since I used a large capacity battery of more than 3000 Ma, I think the capacity of a 2600 Ma battery is a little small

The height of

fx10 is as high as that of xt2cr when it is floodlit, and it is about 1 cm higher after focusing

the effect of hanging the hand rope. When I use the flashlight, I like to hang the hand rope. No matter whether I use it or not, hanging the rope always feels stable, and it can prevent falling off when it is critical

klarus carriz fx10 has the effect of holding it in your hand

it is convenient to press the switch on the side. It feels good to press it. It is good to use it at night to locate the button position

the tail switch operation is very simple and convenient. The tactical flashlight of klarus carritz has two control schemes: outdoor mode and tactical mode, which can be set according to their own usage habits and occasions. I prefer to use outdoor mode. In outdoor mode, when the mode sub switch is pressed, it is low light, and when the tactical main switch is pressed, it is the highest brightness; In the tactical mode, the mode sub switch is pressed to flash, and the tactical main switch is the highest brightness

when the machine is turned on, the power indicator light of the side key switch will display for 5 seconds and turn off after 5 autumn

the flashlight suit has a flashlight effect, which can be hung at the waist or on the outside of the backpack

I am more concerned about the waterproof performance of fx10, because several brands of zoom flashlight used before will have water seepage from the focusing position of the lamp cap. According to the fx10 manual, the waterproof level is ipx8, which can be waterproof 2 meters underwater

during the actual measurement, I soaked the flashlight in the wooden basin for nearly 50 minutes in the lighted state, took it out in the middle to check whether there was water, and then repeatedly focused it in the water. After the test, I took it out and saw a thin layer of water mist on the lens. It should have been inhaled into the lamp cap when I repeatedly focused in the water in the middle. After knocking the lamp cap, the water mist gathered into a piece of water droplets, but it did not affect the normal use of the flashlight, It's just that the lamp cap can't be wiped until it evaporates. Through the test, it is suggested that tube users should not soak in water for a long time or use zoom

the above figure shows the light focusing and floodlighting angles, and the light color is cold white light

1 meter or so focus and flood light spot

spotlight highlight effect

Omni highlight effect

the above figure shows the brightness contrast of spotlight 4

brightness contrast of floodlight level 4 in the above figure

one hand focusing test lighting effect

4 gear dynamic diagram

the evaluation is over. Thank you for reading

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