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The world's smallest single chip microcomputer comes out

microchip technology, the world's leading single chip microcomputer and analog semiconductor supplier, launched the world's smallest single chip microcomputer. The new product adopts 6-pin package, which integrates the excellent performance of PIC MCU architecture into the ultra-small SOT-23 package, which is suitable for applications with extremely limited space and extremely low cost. These traditional 6-pin flash memory devices go beyond the application scope of existing single chip computers and are applicable to a broader market and applications, including "electronicglue" that can easily repair the design defects of application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) and printed circuit boards (PCB), and applications that replace standard logic and timing components or traditional mechanical timers and switches. For example, greater product design freedom, weight reduction, shortening product development cycle, and greatly improving the effectiveness of sample production, component production, and mass customization

the first batch of 8-bit pic10f flash microcontroller series includes pic10f200, pic10f202, pic10f204, and pic10f206. It provides a flash program memory that can store 256 to 512 instructions (X12 bit program words) and 16 to 24 bytes of data RAM. The characteristics of the new device also include: accurate 4MHz internal oscillator, 33 instructions, two-stage reactor. This paper focuses on the breaking tensile test method of steel wire rope and the development process of the horizontal tensile test machine for steel wire rope. Stack, i/o with a pull/fill current of 25mA, low-power sleep current (100na), wide voltage operation of 2 ~ 5.5V. These are two different conceptual ranges, an 8-bit timer, a watchdog timer Incircuitserialprogrammingtm (icsptm) technology, power on reset, energy-saving sleep mode, and analog comparator modules limited to pic10f204 and pic10f206. The new device has only 6 pins, which is easy to use. Even those who have never been engaged in single chip microcomputer design can master it in a short time

with ICSP technology, microchip's 6-pin devices can be programmed after being embedded in the circuit board. ICSP technology supports on-site upgrading, system calibration during manufacturing, and adding unique identification codes to the system

microchip's world-class development tools can support pic10f series, such as mplabicd2 debugger. Mplabicd2 is a powerful and low-cost runtime tool that provides cost-effective flash programming and debugging through the free graphical user interface of MPLAB integrated development environment (IDE) software. Designers can develop and debug source code by observing variables, stepping and setting breakpoints

ic10f20 is also a key area of industrial investment. 0, pic10f202, pic10f204 and pic10f206 are packaged in 6-pin SOT-23. These four new products can now be provided with samples, and are planned to be put into mass production in August 2004. For more information, please contact your microchip sales representative or authorized agent worldwide, or visit the microchip website

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