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Research and development of automatic generation system for single piece drawing of offshore platform jacket based on aut0cad

the system serves the cutting of offshore platform jacket pipe fittings by flame numerical control pipe cutter. The system input is the single line diagram of offshore platform structure, and the system output is the single piece diagram of jacket cutting. By directly identifying and extracting the parameter information required for processing, various geometric parameters often required by the pipe cutting machine are automatically calculated. Finally, the intersection line is calculated according to the obtained geometric parameters and the single piece diagram of the jacket is drawn. The system is an automatic programming system based on graphics, which is an application of cad/cam integrated technology

offshore platform manufacturing is a huge, complex and high-tech project. Jacket is the key structure of offshore platform. The quality of jacket construction will directly affect the overall quality of platform structure. Therefore, the efficient and accurate processing of conduit frame parts is a necessary prerequisite for the construction of offshore platforms. The organization and calculation of parameters of platform metal conduit frame parts, and the generation of unfolded drawings along the inner wall of the jacket after cutting, that is, single piece drawings, must be completed by an automated and intelligent system

in the past, in the manufacturing of offshore platforms, the data of metal conduit structures were mainly managed manually according to the drawings, and were not listed in the intelligent management scope of computers. Therefore, before each component processing, various parameters of components should be manually input into the software controlling the processing machine according to the drawings. Secondly, the geometric parameters between jackets are usually calculated manually. The piston sub assembly of the working cylinder of the experimental machine is the force adding device during the experiment. At the same time, the generation of single piece drawing must also be completed by manually inputting the type of pipe fittings. This undoubtedly increases the tediousness of the manufacturing process and reduces the production efficiency. Aiming at the above disadvantages, this paper independently researches and develops an automatic and intelligent one-piece drawing generation system for offshore platform jacket

I. offshore platform jacket single coil structure system

offshore platform is a frame structure formed by several jackets through welding. There are various forms of jackets, including pipe, plate, ring, cone and other structures. Because the parts used in the manufacturing of offshore platforms are designed by AutoCAD, the results are generally three-dimensional graphics. However, since offshore platforms are a huge and complex system, if the overall structure of the platform is represented by three-dimensional graphics, the graphics will inevitably become extremely complex, reducing the intuitiveness and operability. Therefore, what this system directly deals with is the single line diagram, that is, each part is represented by one-dimensional graphics, and almost all parts are abstracted as line segments, as shown in Figure 1, which is the single line diagram of the structure of the flat jacket. Other information of the part is added to the database equipped for the part through manual input, which can be done once and for all through one-time input. Other work, including the storage of basic information, the calculation of geometric parameters and the generation of single piece drawings, are all completed automatically by the system

let him stop automatically

II. System function and implementation method

this system adopts CAD software as the graphic automatic programming system of the supporting platform, which has the advantages of high speed, high precision, good intuition, convenient use, easy inspection and so on. The CAD system is equipped with a database in the part single line diagram (including pipe, plate, cone, feather and ring). By directly identifying and extracting the parameter information required for processing, it automatically calculates various geometric parameters required by the pipe cutting machine. Finally, it calculates the intersection line and draws the jacket single piece diagram according to the obtained geometric parameters. The system is an automatic programming system based on graphics, which is an application of cad/cam integration technology. Figure 2 shows the overall function module diagram of the system

according to the characteristics of each development language, the system selects VLISP embedded in AutoCAD as the development language, which can directly call almost all of autf1's a cheaper derivative OCAD command, that is, the basic structure of a general high-level language. Today, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will tell you about the use steps of the metallographic microscope and the structure and function of the calibration steps of the equipment, It also has powerful graphics processing functions that general high-level languages do not have

III. part information generation module

the manufacturing of offshore platform jacket includes a variety of components, including pipe, plate, cone, ring, section steel and other structures. To classify and input these structural parameters into the single line diagram, it must be realized through a reasonable human-computer interaction emergency interface, that is, dialog box, and the input information must be permanently saved in the single line diagram, and it is required to redeem the specific information to the specific structure, Click on a structure to call out its information for viewing or modifying

in the process of system operation, the files processed by the system are DWG files, which are the database used by AutoCAD in drawing generation and. Its main content is the geometric information and other relevant information of the generated drawings. DWG database is quite unique. The structure of the database allows users to establish their own "non graphic information" data with many possible structures. The establishment of this kind of data mainly uses the functions of "attribute", "extended object database" and "dictionary". In the project of programming, the graphic dictionary is selected to manage the database. In the process of user operation, as long as the relevant graphic objects are found, these non graphic data records related to this graphic can be found. The available data types of graphic dictionary are quite rich. Almost all visualisp data can be used, which simplifies the difficulty of programming. Users can almost write data structures as they think, and the data basin can be quite large. A single graph can store multiple graph dictionaries. That is, each pipe fitting is equipped with a graphic dictionary, which can coexist with multiple records

if a pipe fitting is represented as a line segment in the single line diagram, input other information of the pipe fitting into the entity graphics dictionary, and the input statement is as follows:

use (vlax ldata list EN) to query the pipe fitting information:

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