The hottest single film roll four side sealing pil

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The utility model relates to an improvement of the existing four sided sealing and packaging machinery, in particular to a single film roll four sided sealing and packaging machine, which can carry out accurate four sided sealing and packaging. In addition to special provisions, the utility model includes a packaging material conveying table of the existing packaging machine, an electrical box for controlling the working process, a package hydraulic sensor installed on the rack for connecting and loading film The end sealer and the edge sealer for sealing both ends of the packaging film are set on the main machine, as well as multiple groups of rotating rollers supporting the transportation of the packaging film. The starting path of the packaging film installed on the frame by pulling the black knob is set with the packaging film divider, and 5 is set behind the packaging film divider Hard and tough: the steering gear with large elastic modulus turns the divided packaging film. The layout position of the steering gear is to ensure that the two divided packaging films can coincide with each other. It has the advantages of good flatness, strong safety and high packaging accuracy, and the packaging speed can reach packages/minute

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