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Malaysia's rubber production ranks sixth in the world

according to Nanyang Business Daily on June 7, Malaysia's rubber production currently ranks sixth in the world, second only to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and 7 Carry out chemical composition separation, high-efficiency force analysis and metallographic analysis in India. The output of Horse Rubber peaked at 1.6 million tons in 1988, began to decline in the early 1990s, and decreased to about 720000 tons in 2015. The reasons for the decline in rubber production include the lack of land, the shortage of manpower and the decline in prices, which have led to a decline in profits. At present, the Malaysian government has lifted the ban on the introduction of foreign labor in the planting industry, but it is still unable to hire skilled staff. Malaysia imports 900000 to 1million tons of rubber every year to ensure the development of rubber processing industry

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