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The entry threshold for medium and low-end new chemical materials will be raised

at the 4th international new chemical materials summit, which was held on August 25 by adopting cast steel precision casting, liyongwu, President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that in order to support the development of the new chemical materials industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, it is necessary to promote the establishment of the new chemical materials industry association, explore the establishment of a statistical monitoring system for new chemical materials, and grasp the operation trend of the industry, Create a good policy environment for the development of new chemical materials industry

liyongwu also proposed that for general-purpose, medium and low-end new chemical material products, such as organosilicon and polyformaldehyde, it is necessary to raise the entry threshold of the industry and curb low-level repeated construction. On the basis of the success of industrial demonstration, vigorously develop high-end products with high added value and environment-friendly. Encourage advantageous enterprises to carry out merger and reorganization, promote the integration, large-scale and large-scale of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and form several new chemical material bases such as special rubber, engineering plastics and high-performance composite materials

it is reported that the 12th Five Year Plan for new chemical materials covers sub industries such as silicone, fluorochemical, engineering plastics, polyurethane, thermoplastic elastomer, composite materials and inorganic new chemical materials. The silicone industry should focus on developing new silicone oil, special silicone resin agent, silane coupling agent, high-performance silicone rubber, silicone modified materials, etc. Fluorine chemical industry should include floor glue, rubber on electronic components and key components on rubber products; For example, the rapid development of perfluorinated sulfonic acid ion-exchange membrane materials such as brake pipes, brake cups, brake pads and seals, and the research of special fluorine rubber are mostly focused on high-end products such as mechanical performance adhesives and polytetrafluoroethylene fibers, as well as intermediates such as fluorine-containing aliphatic, fluorine-containing alcohols and fluorine-containing esters. The engineering plastics industry should support the development of new products such as polycarbonate, long carbon chain nylon and low-cost biodegradable plastics, and accelerate the industrialization; For polyphenylene sulfide and other products with independent intellectual property rights, it is necessary to strengthen the research on modified formula and application, and expand the scope of application. The polyurethane industry should focus on the development of technologies and products such as foam, stabilizer and waterborne polyurethane resin, especially the application in energy conservation and environmental protection

the thermoplastic elastomer industry should focus on the development of polyurethane elastomer, polyester elastomer to improve the dimensional accuracy of products, polystyrene thermoplastic elastomer, etc. The composite industry should master the key technologies such as carbon fiber precursor production and carbonization as soon as possible, and overcome the process technology for the production of carbon fibers with high strength and high modulus above T700. New inorganic chemical materials should focus on the research and development of lithium hexafluorophosphate, nano inorganic and lithium-ion battery materials to reduce production costs and improve product quality

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