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On December 14, 2014, a friend posted a post in the red voice of the people, saying that maslaite paint factory, Lianhua Group, Jinfeng Village, Huangxing Town, Changsha County, had dug two large pits in the production workshop. "After the sewage is discharged into the pit, it is immersed underground and endangers the drinking water source." On the afternoon of the 16th, the law enforcement personnel of the environmental monitoring team of Changsha County Environmental Protection Bureau came to the scene to verify the illegal pollution discharge of the paint factory, and ordered it to stop illegal production immediately and complete the relocation within one month

the sewage seeps into the ground, and the residents are worried about it. According to the post, the villager Wang Liulin built a warehouse of more than 400 square meters along his house. In April this year, he rented it out to maslaite paint. The materials are not allowed to change color. He mainly produces water-based paints such as wall primer and finish paint. The toxic gas and waste water produced in the production process of the coating plant are directly discharged without treatment. On October 31, the villagers complained to Changsha County Environmental Protection Bureau. After the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene for investigation, "the paint factory simply dug two large pits in the warehouse and directly discharged the sewage into the pits."

"there is sandy soil under the warehouse, and the sewage will endanger the drinking water source after it is immersed underground." Villager Li Jun (a pseudonym) is not far from the paint factory and is greatly affected by pollution. At 3:00 p.m. on the 16th, the Xiaoxiang Morning Post came to the back of the paint factory. A drainage ditch about 80 cm wide was near the side of the plant. The water was all milky white, and a lot of garbage was floating on the water. "Sewage seeps into the ground through this ditch, and the well water is bitter and astringent after boiling." Li Jun complained

the paint factory illegally discharged pollutants, and the environmental protection department enforced the law for many times

and reported the situation to the environmental monitoring team of Changsha County Environmental Protection Bureau. LIUZHIGANG, the deputy team leader, led the team to the scene. Tanyang, the shareholder of maslaite paint factory, said that in early April, he rented the villagers' warehouse to run the factory. After being investigated and punished by law enforcement officers, two sedimentation tanks were built in the production workshop in order not to discharge the sewage

"production water is recycled, and only hand washing water is discharged into the sedimentation tank." Tanyang said that the lower part of the sedimentation tank was sealed with cement, and it was impossible for waste water to be discharged. In this regard, LIUZHIGANG said after checking the drainage ditch, "the water near the wall in the ditch is milky white, which confirms that waste water seeps through the foot of the wall. The more downstream the water is clearer, it can be seen that the sewage has indeed seeped into the ground, and the villagers' concerns are normal."

LIUZHIGANG said that as early as July 8 and October 31, after receiving complaints from villagers, law enforcement officers conducted on-site environmental monitoring on maslaite paint factory and found out that the factory had not gone through environmental protection approval procedures and started construction and production without authorization. In the production process, the unique and precise design is adopted for the light source of paint, dust and waste water, which is directly discharged without effective treatment

according to a "letter requesting assistance in stopping the supply of production power" presented by LIUZHIGANG, the Environmental Supervision Brigade requested the Huangxing Town Government to coordinate the town power supply department on November 3 to take measures to stop the supply of production power to the plant and urge it to rectify in place. Caoqiulin, a staff member of the economic and Trade Office of Huangxing Town, Changsha County, said that after receiving the request letter from the County Environmental Protection Bureau on November 3, he had asked the power supply station to take measures to stop supplying production power to the plant. Since then, the paint factory has also carried out rectification as required

after the fact of illegal pollution discharge in the paint factory was verified, the law enforcement personnel immediately issued an environmental on-site supervision document, ordering them to immediately stop illegal production with high efficiency; The relocation shall be completed within 1 month. The staff of Huangxing Town power supply station who arrived together switched off the power supply to the plant

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