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1. Wall design in the bathroom

the wall space in the bathroom is the highlight of bathroom design and decoration. A just right little idea can make the whole space look new. The chrome plated towel hanging rod increases the modern sense in the bathroom space, and also allows the towel to find a good location that is most convenient for the owner. The towel hook outside the glass door is also properly installed. The half height platform can be used to place bathing supplies. The whole space is bright and not cramped

2. Mirrors in the bathroom

it is not necessary to hang large and wide mirrors in the bathroom. The mirror that is shorter than the traditional bathroom mirror is used properly, which can create an unexpected good effect. With a shorter mirror, the bathroom can be equipped with a more ventilated and daylighting window, which makes the bathroom space better and bright. The window and the mirror are connected up and down, forming a double-sided landscape in the bathroom

3. Concise lines of bathroom design

bathroom “ Line ” The simpler it is, the more highlight it will be, and the whole space will be brighter without being cramped and messy! The small storage space embedded on the wall and the slender simple lines increase the storage function in the bathroom, and make the bathroom more spatial and hierarchical in visual effect! The wall mounted basin design makes the whole ground look more upscale

4. Choice of basin base in bathroom

simple base basin design has novel style and great selectivity. The drawback is that a certain storage function is sacrificed. The storage cabinets with a pair of glass doors contrast with the independent simple base basin in the middle. The embedded storage space on both sides of the basin is designed to echo and integrate with the cabinet and basin. The content is complete but not messy, which enhances the sense of space in the bathroom; With the large windows on the side walls, the whole space is very bright

5. Knowledge of corner cabinet

the choice of cabinet in the master bathroom is quite important. As shown in the figure, the L-shaped cabinet maximizes the corner space in the master bathroom. At the same time, the whole bathroom space is more elegant and bright. The right part of the L-shaped cabinet also provides a very good display space

6. Symmetrical aesthetics in the bathroom

the symmetrical design around the bathtub is undoubtedly a highlight of the design. The large arched windows fill the space with flexible light. The classic white bathtub has also become the largest indoor “ Focus ”. The prominent half wall also adds color to the whole space, which can be used as the display board of the bathroom secret space. The whole bathroom is bright, spacious and clean

7. Light and windows in the bathroom

Privacy and light in the bathroom are two major problems in bathroom design. Privacy limits the light transmittance of bathroom windows to a certain extent. How to achieve the best light transmission effect on the basis of meeting the necessary privacy? White windows, clear glass materials with good light transmittance, and black tassel white window screens are classic but not monotonous, and have achieved very good lighting effects

8. French door design in bathroom

door design is a link that tests the designer's three-dimensional thinking in bathroom design and decoration, and it is also a checkpoint related to the lighting effect of the whole bathroom. A door may ruin the design of the whole space. The French door design shown in the figure ensures the maximum illumination in the room and echoes the window view at the same time

9. Color knowledge of bathroom lighting

the application of all element design style in the bathroom to create a cool and clean bathroom is also a great stroke! The bathroom space of all white department produces a faint sense of nobility; The same color fabric jewelry adds the owner's unique personality to the space! Enter such a bathroom and immediately experience an extraordinary sense of freshness




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