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From 2016 to 2017, what style products in China's home furnishing market will become fashion favorites? What cultural trends will emerge in the home furnishing field at home and abroad

from 2016 to 2017, what style products in China's home market will become fashion favorites? What cultural trends will emerge in the home furnishing field at home and abroad? On March 5, Zhida home furnishing Co., Ltd., known as the "wind vane of China's home soft decoration fashion trend", grandly held the 2016 new product launch at the Phoenix Hotel, country garden, Longjiang, Shunde. At the same time, the first Zhida home cultural design week and the launching ceremony of the "Snail House" to "my house" theme creative design competition, Guangdong Furniture Association Leaders of Zhida group and other units as well as more than 400 Zhida home distribution partners from all over the country attended the event

(Zhida family members attending the new product launch cheer for the new development of Zhida home in the new year)

Lianfa soft clothing of the three major brands has rich and diverse supporting facilities

at about 9:00 a.m. that day, the activity kicked off in the opening performance "bright future", which shows high-tech energy. First of all, Li Caihong, executive director and President of Zhida group, made a speech, pointing out that the downward pressure on China's economy increased in 2015. Zhida group worked with all partners to face the difficulties, integrate efficiently, unite and cooperate, and realize the adverse growth of sales revenue and profits. In 2016, China's economy entered the critical period of the new normal. Zhida group should actively embrace the reform of the times with an open mind, and create a new living and development space for Zhida with a clear mind of "entrepreneurship is always on the road". Fully support the listing of Zhida precision pipe industry, and promote the pace of M & A and expansion of Zhida steel pipe, and make it bigger and stronger; Zhida home furnishing and Zhida textile will embrace the Internet in a way suitable for Zhida. With the support of big data, Zhida will have precise sales positioning, strong design orientation, lean production management, and adhere to the fundamental development direction of industry, so as to make Zhida young and fashionable. It is expected that all Zhida people and partners will overcome difficulties, jointly meet challenges and achieve new leaps

lichunming, general manager of Zhida home furnishing company, extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests, dealers, store sales elites and designers. At the same time, starting with the analysis of the economic environment and the development direction of the home furnishing market, he put forward the transformation and upgrading road of Zhida headquarters and national stores in 2016. In terms of products, we will build the most advanced water-based environmental protection paint workshop in China, and use water-based environmental protection paint for solid wood products to provide customers with better quality, more environmental protection and health products; Optimize the factory production process, so that Zhida household products have more price competitive advantages than similar products in the market; The after-sales problems of products are directly transferred to the marketing department to solve them quickly, so as to relieve the franchised store operators of their worries about sales; Improve the customized order volume and delivery speed of furniture products, and provide products that can meet customers' personalized needs. In terms of service, we will further standardize the image standards of exclusive stores, add in store training projects, strengthen the product training and 3D software application training of store sales talents, further strengthen the overall soft decoration ability of stores, improve the number of operating customers, and use o2o platform to build an information-based sales service system. Li Chunming said that in order to achieve the reform goal, Zhida home integrates brand resources such as Zhida home fabric art, Roland, Macchiato and 22 ℃, jointly releases new products, speeds up brand upgrading, launches the first Zhida home culture design week and design competition series activities, and strengthens brand promotion. In addition, Zhida will promote the reform of production mode by introducing the combination of mechanical automation, mass production and personalized customization, Through the establishment of designer studios, the diversification of design services, the research and development of new products by designers in stores, the innovation of design mode is promoted, and the upgrading of sales mode is promoted through the improvement of o2o platform functions. National franchised stores should also keep up with the pace of the headquarters, speed up the transformation, change the old concept of monopoly after obtaining the brand agency in the past, and use the resources provided by the headquarters to establish a new service system from the aspects of design, pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, so as to achieve cooperation and win-win development

(Mr. lichunming, general manager of Zhida home, made a strategic interpretation of 2016)

then the leaders and guests attended the ceremony and held the launch ceremony of Zhida home's 2016 new product launch. The relevant person in charge introduced the brand planning and released the new policies for the integration of three major brands, Zhida home, Macchiato and Roland, as well as the official landing information of Zhida home e-commerce app

wuweili, general manager of Zhida group e-commerce and Information Center, introduced the construction of phase I and phase II of Zhida home o2o platform, and pointed out that based on the application of product database, Zhida home e-commerce has achieved the functions of providing DIY experience, online appointment management, design service management, sales order management, store customer management, online customer drainage, overall supporting mapping and other services for the company and the majority of stores and consumers, Open up online and offline service channels, form a perfect information-based sales service system, and help franchised stores use the platform to place orders remotely, make appointments for business, make appointments for designer relocation, make appointments for promotional activities, assess activities, query inventory and quotations, understand company policies, etc

in the afternoon, with brand directors and designers on the stage to share the creative process of new products in 2016 and the design concept of new products, the seven series of new products of the three major brands of Zhida household in 2016 were presented to the participants in the form of multi-dimensional stage performances such as stage plays and aestheticism, which was refreshing. Brand managers and designers interact with guests, dealers and store sales elites to enhance people's understanding of the new products released. Among them, Zhida home fabric released five new themed products in 2016. The rational modern style theme "Jue Shi" shows the fashion beauty of industrialization, the neoclassical style theme "Martini" exudes a cold and noble temperament like European noble knights, and the warm theme "Margaret" embellishes a romantic and elegant urban style with watercolor flowers, rose patterns, pearls, and crystal lights, The new products with the theme of "blue and white" reveal the natural beauty of the tranquility and remoteness of the Mediterranean and the classical and fresh beauty of the elements of Oriental Blue and white porcelain. The theme of the window "Rhine Valley" adopts a mix and match method to highlight the exotic style of light beauty style; Roland and Macchiato also released more than ten new products in neoclassical, light beauty, postmodern and other styles, showing the exploration of Zhida furniture products in "New Asia" and European and American home culture and market. Together with the release of the new brand of Zhida home bedding 22 ℃, the new appearance and strong strength of Zhida "overall home accessories expert" greatly increased the confidence of participating dealers

Zhida "gravitational wave" opens the design of "heavenly eye"

the new products released by Zhida home every year cannot be separated from the unremitting pursuit and efforts of Zhida designer team to fashion trends. At the same time, the launch ceremony of "Zhida 'gravitational wave' opens the design eye" - the theme creative design competition of the first Zhida home culture design week was held

Mr. Wenbin, assistant to the chairman of the group and Secretary General of the competition organizing committee, introduced that strong original design ability and high-level manufacturing technology are the core competitiveness of Zhida for development and growth. Zhida has a strong designer team and enterprise operation management team, and has won dozens of design awards at home and abroad. It cooperates closely with the Academy of fine arts of South China Normal University, Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, Guangdong Institute of light industry technology, Shunde Vocational and technical college, as well as Guangdong Furniture Association, Guangdong Home Textile Association and research institutions. This time, the national home design competition and the first Zhida home culture design week series were held, aiming to open the infinite "gravitational wave" of home design and promote the development of China's home creative design industry by relying on its own design strength and social resource advantages; Attract internal employees, franchisee teams and more excellent designers from society and colleges to participate in the activities, create a design and creative product trading platform for home culture, integrate and share resources between designers and enterprises, and promote the transformation of design achievements; Promote the integrated development of culture, creativity, capital and "Internet +", actively create a strong atmosphere of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", let creative design find a market, let enterprises find business opportunities, let more design works be transformed into commodities, and improve the soft power and industrial competitiveness of Zhida group, Longjiang and even China's home furnishing culture

(Mr. Wen bin introduced the content of the creative design competition of the design week)

the first Zhida home culture design week and the creative design competition with the theme of "humble home" changing into "my home" was hosted by China Furniture Association and Guangdong Textile Industry Association, organized by Zhida group and Guangdong Design Creative Education Association, and strongly supported by Shunde Economic Promotion Bureau and Longjiang Town People's Government of Shunde District, From the start on March 5, 2016 to the end of mid November, we will solicit works such as the color matching design of home textile fabrics and the overall space, the design of living room household items and soft decoration, and the creative design scheme of the theme of "Snail House" changing into "my house" for social personages and college students across the country who are interested in home design, and explore design works and talents that can improve home happiness. According to the arrangement of the event, the first Zhida home culture design competition and work collection information will be released from March to July 15. From July to early August, experts will be organized to review the competition works; In early September, some excellent design works will be proofed and participated in the Shanghai furniture exhibition and design exhibition; During the first Zhida home culture Design Week held on November 12-18, a series of activities will be held, including the award ceremony of creative design competition and industry docking meeting, as well as the unveiling ceremony of Zhida home culture design building, the launching ceremony of "China home culture research institute", the International Summit Forum "home culture and design in the Internet + era", and Zhida 2017 China home life fashion color press conference. The submission email of this competition is wenbin@zhida.com 。

According to Wen bin, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the event, the organizing committee was established, with Lu Yiling, the director of the design center of Zhida group, as the artistic director, responsible for formulating the rules of the design week and competition, determining the award settings, organizing the review of works and other related work, taking charge of leading the division to carry out the collection, review and guidance of entries, and taking charge of leading the division to carry out the launch ceremony, exhibition, forum, exchange Press conference and other work; Bruce Mulder, expert judge of American high point furniture exhibition and professor of furniture department of Kendall School of art and design, Liu Zichuan, Deputy Dean and doctoral tutor of School of fine arts of South China Normal University, Wu Chiguang, President of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, Lu Yiling, director of design center of Guangdong Zhida group, Li Chaohui, director of product development and design of Zhida home furnishing company, Peng Lianwen, director of furniture design of Zhida home furnishing company, Zhou Yongwei, director of product development and design of Zhida textile company Lin Xiufang, director of display design of Zhida home furnishing company, and other well-known designers, college experts and scholars form a tutor group to provide relevant design guidance and creative guidance to enterprise employees, social institution designers, and school students who are interested in participating in the design week and design competition, carry out design forum lectures and exchange activities, enhance the practicality of design works, participate in the evaluation of entries, and guide the proofing and exhibition of excellent design works

store sales summed up experience, explored the market, continued the past and opened up the future

on that night, the leading guests and the marketing and design elites of Zhida headquarters were close to more than 400 Zhida home fabric, Roland and Macchiato brand distribution partners from all over the country




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