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The recovery of paper packaging industry has broad prospects for development

macroeconomic recovery, and the industry reached a boom peak in 2010. Benefiting from the recovery of macro-economy, the general profits of enterprises in the paper packaging industry have increased significantly, and the industry is moving towards a boom peak. In the future, the overall production, sales and revenue of the industry will continue to grow. However, with the slowdown of economic growth and the increase of inflationary pressure, the profit growth of enterprises in the industry will also slow down

industry integration and structural upgrading are the main development lines of the paper industry in the future. After years of development, China's paper industry has made considerable progress, and has become the world's largest paper country, and the total output is still expanding. The industry has entered an era of oversupply. But at the same time, many problems have been exposed: industry concentration is too low, and large enterprises account for only 12%; The domestic forest land is insufficient, and the raw materials are highly dependent on the outside world. Nearly half of the raw materials need to be imported every year; The overall pollution of the industry is serious, and the resource utilization rate is insufficient. With an annual contribution of 1% of the total industrial output value, it consumes nearly 10% of the country's industrial water consumption. Its business covers 45 countries around the world, discharging nearly 20% of industrial wastewater and more than 30% of COD. In recent years, the state has issued a number of policies to save energy and reduce emissions and regulate the development of the industry. Industry integration and upgrading have become a method to calculate the impact strength of thin-film pendulum impact testing machine, and the main line of the future development of the paper industry. With the entry of the 12th Five Year Plan, more and more policies related to spiral nucleus pulposus replacement devices will continue to follow up. By continuously improving environmental protection standards, giving preferential treatment to low pollution and low energy consumption enterprises, and improving various supporting measures, the paper industry will achieve integration and upgrading, and the competitiveness and profitability of enterprises will be further improved

the appreciation of RMB is good for paper enterprises. Because China's paper industry needs a large number of imported raw materials every year, and the export volume is small, the characteristics of raw materials in the foreign market determine that the paper industry has become one of the few industries that will benefit from the concept of RMB appreciation. It is expected that the international wood pulp and waste paper prices will remain high and continue to rise in the future. The appreciation of the RMB will cover the cost rise caused by the rise in the price of some imported raw materials, which will bring substantial benefits to enterprises

under the inflation environment, forestry paper integration enterprises with complete industrial chain will directly benefit: forestry paper integration is the only way for the development of the paper industry, and paper enterprises with forest land will obtain raw material guarantee and additional income from upstream industries. With the rise of wood pulp prices, it is obvious that domestic pulp has replaced imported pulp. The profits of domestic pulp making enterprises have rebounded significantly, while the profits of simple paper-making enterprises have increased slowly. As the world enters the big inflation cycle, forest paper integrated enterprises with complete industrial chain can reduce the adverse impact of the rise in raw material prices on the one hand, and benefit from the rise in the price of end products at the same time

the packaging industry will still develop rapidly. Paper packaging is becoming more and more popular because of its characteristics of easy processing, easy preservation, easy transportation, easy printing and recyclability. As a green packaging, it is gradually replacing plastic, metal, glass and other packaging materials. The rapid development of downstream industries such as electronic communications, household appliances, food, medicine, household chemicals, textiles, tobacco and alcohol has led to the rapid expansion of the market scale of the paper packaging industry, and the development prospect of the industry is very worthy of expectation

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