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Papermaking and printing industry: the papermaking and printing industry in Quanzhou, Fujian Province has sprung up.

the pace of annexation, reorganization and technological innovation from Quanzhou Bay to rare earth, refractory and other industries will also be further accelerated. At the foot of Daiyun mountain, on the construction site of five major campaign projects, the construction scene is in full swing

in the clarion call of fighting five major battles and promoting scientific development and leapfrog development, Quanzhou, which ranks first in Fujian Province in terms of economic aggregate, has cadres and masses working together, government and enterprises working together, accelerated the transformation of development mode, and a major economic city has stridden towards an economically strong city. A central city around Quanzhou Bay with a new look and pleasant weather is vividly displayed in front of the world

statistics show that in 2010, Quanzhou implemented 1628 five major campaign projects, with a total investment of 554.3 billion yuan, and a total investment of 80.3 billion yuan, 116% of the annual plan. In 2011, it plans to implement 2143 five major campaign projects, with a total investment of 829.2 billion yuan and an annual completion of 110.2 billion yuan. From January to April 2011, Quanzhou has completed an investment of 39.3 billion yuan, accounting for 35.7% of the annual plan. The five campaigns have effectively improved the soft and hard power, bringing new opportunities and new impetus to the leapfrog development of Quanzhou

accelerate the transformation and upgrading

the rapid rise of modern industrial bases

Quanzhou is a major manufacturing city and the capital of Chinese brands. Traditional industries such as shoe leather, clothing, building materials, food, etc. have obvious competitive advantages at home and abroad. The modern manufacturing industry with private enterprises as the main body is the source of vitality for the rapid rise of Quanzhou economy, and also highlights the foundation and connotation of Quanzhou model, which is comparable to southern Jiangsu model and Wenzhou model

whether the traditional manufacturing industry can be transformed and upgraded is the key to the transformation of development mode. With technological transformation and expansion, brand building, and deepening management, Quanzhou's manufacturing industry has constantly honed itself, ushered in new opportunities for development, and collectively displayed the new atmosphere of the industry. More than 100 enterprises have won Chinese well-known trademarks, become bigger and stronger, and become industry benchmarks. More than 20 enterprises such as Baihong, Taiya and Nachuan management have successfully landed in the domestic and foreign capital markets. Now, the number of Listed Companies in Quanzhou has reached 66, ranking first in Fujian Province and in the forefront of prefecture level cities in China. The Quanzhou sector of the capital market is eye-catching. Xu Lianjie, the first private enterprise listed in Hong Kong in Quanzhou and the chief executive officer of Hengan Group, a domestic life paper giant, believes that the wave of listing of Quanzhou enterprises has made many grass-roots enterprises stride towards the country and the world, with broader development ideas and greater business skills, and become a real modern enterprise and international enterprise

petrochemical, information optoelectronics, equipment manufacturing, papermaking and printing and other growth industries have also sprung up, rapidly promoting the transformation of Quanzhou manufacturing to Quanzhou

in a bidding competition from 263 solar cell enterprises around the world, Fujian Junshi energy company won a large business order of 450 MW as soon as it made a move. Soon, the thin-film solar cells created by Quanzhou will be installed on the roofs of 300 stores and all distribution centers of the world's largest home furnishing chain

Nan'an in the south, while consolidating traditional industries such as stone and plumbing, has become a key industrial base in Fujian Province with the rise of Optoelectronic Industrial Park and equipment manufacturing base

Yongchun County seized the opportunity of coastal industry transfer, invested 1.5 billion yuan to plan a 10000 mu light industry base, build three parks: light textile park, special food processing park and light industrial machinery manufacturing park, and build a modern industrial new city. At present, eight enterprises have settled in the textile park, with a total investment of 5billion yuan

it is Quanzhou's industrial development strategy to improve traditional industries and expand and strengthen emerging industries. To this end, Quanzhou has formulated and implemented a doubling plan of tens of billions of yuan, achieving more than 15 enterprises with more than 10 billion yuan, 5 industrial clusters with more than 100 billion yuan, and a total investment of more than 1 trillion yuan

with great boldness, great efforts and strong measures, Quanzhou national new industrialization demonstration base has made great plans, and the world textile, footwear and clothing base, stone industry base, petrochemical, equipment manufacturing, sports industry and optoelectronic information industry base have risen rapidly

urban construction quality and speed up

the formation of a modern urban framework around Quanzhou Bay

standing at the gate of Quanzhou high-speed railway station, looking south, a wide station front Avenue extends like a dragon to the Bank of the intersection with Jinjiang River, and the station front bridge connecting it is stepping up construction. After the bridge in front of the station is completed, passengers from the high-speed railway station can directly cross Jinjiang River and lead to Jinjiang, Shishi, Nan'an and other economically active southern areas of Quanzhou

Quanzhou city is built on the Jinjiang River and Luoyang River. The river water passing through the city fills the city with aura, and the bridges across the river expand the city's vital capacity

since the reform and opening up, the completion of Quanzhou bridge, Shunji bridge and Erythrina bridge has closed the connection between the north of the Yangtze River and the south of the Yangtze River. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, the territory of Quanzhou City was expanding, and the construction of the bridge was accelerated. In 2008, the Jinjiang bridge connecting Fengze and Jinjiang was completed and opened to traffic, which is the first modern cable-stayed bridge on the mother river in Quanzhou

now, the Quanzhou high-speed railway station bridge and Tian'an bridge across the Jinjiang River are under intensive construction, and the Quanzhou Bay sea crossing bridge is also under intense construction. Bridges, such as rainbows on the sea across the lying River, have pushed Quanzhou into a new era around the Bay and facing the sea. The overall urban planning of Quanzhou () implemented in 2010 determines that the total area of the urban planning area is 2980 square kilometers, and the central urban area is 980 square kilometers, with the focus on Quanzhou Bay. By the end of 2010, the built-up area around Quanzhou Bay had reached 150 square kilometers, and the urbanization rate of Quanzhou city had reached 60%

in 2011, taking the opportunity of the year of urban construction and management, Quanzhou will promote large-scale urban construction, large-scale urban renewal, and vigorously improve the urban environment, and accelerate the implementation of a number of projects to promote the urbanization of the area around Quanzhou Bay. Zhanqian bridge, Tian'an bridge, Quanzhou Bay cross sea bridge, Donghai tunnel, trunk road from Houzhu to the east of the city, and Zhanqian Avenue will be built. At that time, the East, West, South, and North clusters of Quanzhou will be connected, A momentum of overall promotion and development around Quanzhou Bay will be formed, and an urban-rural metropolitan area integrating urban and rural areas and land and sea will be formed around Quanzhou Bay

at the same time, Quanzhou will vigorously improve its urban functions, plan to build five headquarters economic zones, namely, Donghai, Chengdong, Jiangnan, Beifeng and Jinjiang Binjiang, and strive to basically form a headquarters economic belt with headquarters enterprises gathering, high scientific and technological content, developed modern service industry, complete functions and strong radiation driving ability after 5 to 10 years of efforts

it has achieved results in one year, reached a new level in three years, and changed greatly in five years, making enterprises and citizens feel the real changes in Quanzhou. According to the data, Quanzhou plans to implement 226 urban construction projects in 2011, with a total investment of 69.2 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 14.9 billion yuan. Urban construction is speeding up, and the urban quality is also quietly improving, forming a good situation of urban construction promoting industry and industrial belt urban construction

highlight the advantages over Taiwan

build a cutting-edge platform for cross-strait regional cooperation

the beautiful and tidy environment and the hot scene are the first impression of the three-phase construction of the Beiche (Quanzhou) Strait railway passenger car maintenance and assembly project in Quanzhou Taiwan investment zone. The total investment of the first phase of the project is about 840million yuan. 300 urban rail vehicles can be repaired and assembled every year. The estimated annual sales revenue is 1.95 billion yuan. It will be completed and put into operation in October 2012

in March 2010, the Taiwan investment zone in the east of Quanzhou set sail strongly. With a total area of 200 square kilometers, the PP door panel in the planning map of the investment area will be built into a waterfront ecological new city integrating mountains, water, city, sea and island

as a new growth pole, Quanzhou Taiwan investment zone aims to attract investment from high-end enterprises such as Taiwan's top 100 manufacturing enterprises, the world's top 500 manufacturing enterprises, the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in the mainland, and the top 10 industries. In addition to the construction of railway passenger cars in the Strait and Nine Dragons Paper Industry, the investment zone also attracted large projects such as southern subgrade, Taiwan Jinyi logistics, Taiwan Tiangang precision machinery, with a total investment of 11.08 billion yuan. Wu qunde, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the investment zone, said that since 2010, merchants have come to visit almost every month. This young Taiwanese investment cluster is spreading its unique attraction and becoming one of the hottest investment destinations in the west of the sea

Quanzhou is the hometown of 45% of Taiwan's population, and has outstanding advantages in cooperation and exchange with Taiwan. Although the introduction of Taiwan capital started late, it has a higher starting point and a larger platform. Through the innovation of Taiwan capital introduction mechanism, it carries out all-round economic and trade cooperation with Taiwan

in Jinjiang, the brand capital of China, the first phase of Haixi international procurement and logistics center (Meiqi city) invested by Taiwan funded Meiqi group has been put into use. The first phase of the project covers a total area of 445 mu, with a total construction area of 670000 square meters and a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. It has built more than 4000 long-term booths and an exhibition center of more than 60000 square meters, mainly providing international procurement, trading, logistics and information platforms from raw materials to products for Quanzhou's advantageous industries such as building materials, textiles, clothing, shoes and hats, and Taiwan's textile and clothing industries

on the South Bank of Meizhou Bay, the commissioning of Fujian Refining and chemical integration project has made the emerging Quangang District one of the nine major refining and chemical bases in China. The huge driving force of this Petrochemical aircraft carrier on the economy of Western Taiwan has attracted the high attention of Taiwan's petrochemical peers, and more than 30 Taiwan petrochemical enterprises with strong driving force have come to dock

the tourism cooperation between Quantai and Taiwan has been promoted in depth by the acceleration of direct flights between Quantai and Taiwan. Since 2010, more and more Taiwanese businessmen have entered Quanzhou to develop tourism. Mr. Zhang, a Taiwanese businessman, invested 42million yuan to develop and build the first vanilla themed health and leisure resort in Fujian Province in Tianzhu Mountain, Nan'an, with an annual total of more than 300000 tourists. In April, 2010, Penghu held a tourism promotion conference in Quanzhou. In December, Quanzhou launched a 1000 person trip to Penghu as a response, and displayed the key scenic spots of Quanzhou in Penghu

the effective interaction between Quanzhou and Taiwan's economy and trade has led to faster agglomeration and greater improvement of Taiwan investment. Build a cutting-edge platform for cross-strait regional cooperation, and Quanzhou will catch up from behind and move forward by leaps and bounds

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