The hottest papermaking enters the small off-seaso

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Papermaking has entered the small off-season, which is good for packaging and household light industry

[packaging E-line 1, accessories of hydraulic universal testing machine] the demand of the papermaking industry has entered the small off-season in January, while the pressure of capacity release remains (it is expected to enter the end of the third quarter). We expect that the paper price and sales volume will still be difficult to improve in the near future. The demand of the paper industry has entered the off-season, which directly leads to the importance of Jinan spring testing machine. The price of paper has declined, which is directly beneficial to the packaging industry and household light industry

according to the survey, in November, the cumulative domestic production of machine-made paper and paperboard was 54.153 million tons (the monthly output reached a record high), an increase of 14.9% year-on-year. The sales situation of the paper mill is general, coupled with the release of new production capacity, the overall inventory is high, and the pressure is great

in the first half of the year, the current cost driven price increase of all kinds of paper; After entering the off-season, the ash removal bottom whiteboard benefited from Fuyang power rationing, and the prices of all kinds of paper have been loosened by varying degrees. In the first half of the year, especially in August, various kinds of paper have seen cost driven price increases; Since the off-season in May, the prices of all kinds of paper have fallen; Only due to power rationing in Fuyang area, the supply side is constrained, and the average terminal price rises slowly

domestic pulp price Q2 took the lead in falling and adjusting, and the quotation of international pulp mills fell in August: the trend of domestic pulp price is closely related to downstream demand, showing a trend of Q1 rising and Q2 falling and adjusting, which stabilized in early August; The international pulp price shows good corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and non-magnetic, showing a certain lag, and the quotation party is now falling back in August. The price of imported waste paper denominated in US dollars continued to rise, which was consistent with the price trend of downstream corresponding paper

optimistic about packaging and household light industry. At present, the market is worried about the prospect of economic growth. We prefer to choose companies in weak markets from the perspective of the certainty and growth of performance growth (less affected by economic fluctuations or the industry and company are in a period of rapid development). Packaging: relying on the steady growth of downstream volume, it benefits from the fall in raw material prices in the short term, and the packaging upgrading in the process of consumption upgrading has greatly increased the share of leading companies. Shanghai Lvxin, Yongxin shares and TONGCHAN Lixing are recommended. Household light industry: consumer stocks with high growth in July were recognized again, and Ningji shares and mec shares performed prominently. The valuation of individual stocks rebounded to times PE in 2011, In line with the logic recommended by us in the early stage (the domestic consumer market has a broad prospect, the social quota of various sub sectors is growing rapidly, and the light industry companies that currently have channels and brands will gain the first mover advantage in the competition. By virtue of the brand effect, they can enjoy a premium of high gross profit, and their strong bargaining power also helps to resist inflationary pressure and maintain high growth), they are optimistic about the long-term value of the company, Further performance in the future will depend on the valuation switching to 2012

it can be seen that the paper industry needs to enter the off-season, which is a good opportunity for the development of the packaging industry, greatly reducing costs and a new starting point for the profitability of packaging enterprises

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