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Paperboard Technology: features that should be paid attention to in the design of paperboard packaging products

for product packaging design, in order to make use of packaging to highlight the characteristics of products, and also to carry out targeted humanized design of packaging, the following two aspects are mainly considered:


1) easy to identify identification. Humanized product packaging design should have prominent and eye-catching identification marks, such as the name, category and origin of the product, so that consumers can understand the product through the packaging, rather than only by opening the packaging and seeing the product

2) easy to understand instructions and diagrams. No matter what product it is, it needs a simple description through packaging, so that consumers can master the use method of the product as soon as possible. The proper use of illustrations, especially cartoon patterns, can be very vivid

3) contact and touch can accurately judge the commodity packaging design. Humanized product packaging design should take into account many human sensory factors, such as touch, taste, etc., rather than just vision and hearing. Therefore, when designing, we should highlight more practical feelings, such as the cute shape, which brings great affinity to people; When choosing materials, choose some materials with good hand feel, such as the appropriate use of some wood, which can rub the hand feel of the product packaging, or carry out some treatment on the surface, such as some concave convex treatment, which can also give people a good feeling

4) can recognize and judge through voice. In the packaging design of products, sound is also a very important factor, which is very easy to be ignored, clever "Using some local sounds can give people a good impression, such as the packaging of wine, which is a good example. In some factory notices, such sounds are taken as a selling point.

5) skillfully deal with the problems of wrapping and exposure. General packaging is to wrap the products, so as to facilitate transportation or carrying, but wrapping the products will hide many characteristics of the products, so in many packaging designs, Special consideration is given to displaying some parts of the product, such as transparent materials, so as to achieve the purpose of displaying the characteristics of the product. This will also allow consumers to understand products more quickly


1) the package should be easy to open and close. No matter what kind of product packaging, it should be easy to open and close. When packaging, we should put ourselves in the shoes of consumers to consider the details of use, such as how to package the product quickly and conveniently; When opening, how to open it easily without the help of other tools? Now many packages are designed as bayonets, which is such a consideration

2) easy to carry. Therefore, when designing products, we should consider the use and carrying of products, which can be realized by packaging or by the product itself. For example, the computer case in Figure 2 has a unique handle design, which has the carrying function of the original outsourcing of the computer case

3) easy to use. The packaging design of products should be based on the ease of use to achieve the stability and serialization of main products. For example, the sealing design should be considered in every link. We should not only consider the sealing, but also pay attention to the electronic universal experimental machine. It is a universal experimental machine for cutting, stretching, tightening, bending and other physical and mechanical properties of metal, non-metal and other materials. It is convenient to open, such as the original can design, Although it can seal well, it is very difficult to open it. When designing the packaging of products, we should avoid such situations. For example, the packaging of many electronic products adopts the bayonet design, so that the products can be easily clamped and opened, which is more in line with the humanization of packaging design

4) easy to handle after use. For many products, packaging is only used for 4 The system adopts microcomputer to control transportation or carrying, so many products are discarded after they are bought. In addition, some materials are improperly used, causing environmental pollution, which is also a waste. For the packaging design of modern products, it should be advocated to give full play to the functionality of packaging, such as the secondary utilization of packaging, or it can be used as other products with simple development. For example, many beautiful canned bottles can be directly used as seasoning bottles. In this way, the problem of secondary use should be considered when designing the shape of canned bottles, such as designing a series of cans, This just meets the combination specification of seasoning bottles, which not only handles the problem of packaging recycling, but also brings convenience to ordinary consumers

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