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Papermaking and other industries have been listed in the six key processing and manufacturing industries in the Beibu Gulf. The development plan of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, which was officially approved and implemented by the state a few days ago, will give full play to the coastal advantages, make full use of two markets and two resources, and plan to build a high-level modern processing and manufacturing industry system with a high starting point in the coastal area. Lin nianxiu, vice chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said that the six famous brands write the industrialization of Beibu Gulf:

petrochemical industry. Taking advantage of the port conditions convenient for importing crude oil and the rich oil and gas resources in the South China Sea, Qinzhou will build a large oil refining base and develop petrochemical products such as oil processing; Strive to build the petrochemical industry chain in the 12th Five Year Plan. The pneumatic loading system of this model has greatly reduced the follow-up works of inertial load under high load, accelerated the opening and development of the raw material industry, and formed a coastal petrochemical industry cluster. Relying on the foundation of Nanning chemical industry, build Nanning fine chemical industry base

papermaking. Take advantage of the advantages of suitable planting fast-growing forests, build large forest pulp and paper bases in Qinzhou and Tieshangang, produce high and medium-grade paper products, develop forest pulp and paper integrated industries, and form Coastal Forest Pulp and paper integrated industrial clusters. Actively develop comprehensive wood processing

metallurgy. In accordance with the requirements of the national steel policy, we will implement product structure adjustment, speed up the elimination of backward steel production capacity, and improve the added value of products. Guangxi has the advantages of aluminum, developing aluminum processing projects with high technological content and strong market competitiveness, building the aluminum deep processing industry in Nanning, and developing high-end aluminum sheet, strip and foil materials, aluminum foil blanks, transportation vehicles and other s- ε The curve is also called rheological strengthening curve or hardening curve. Hollomon formula s = k ε N is the simplest fitting expression of this curve. It is used for sophisticated products such as materials, container materials, aviation materials, composite packaging materials, etc

light industrial food. Relying on coastal ports, vigorously develop port oriented industries such as grain, oil and food processing. Build the sugar industry into an industry of comprehensive utilization and circular development. We should actively develop the deep processing of cocoons, silk, fruits and vegetables, sisal, star anise, camellia, bamboo shoots, tobacco and other products by using rich agricultural resources. Take advantage of regional advantages to develop the textile and garment industry

high and new technology. Accelerate the introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation of scientific and technological achievements, focus on cultivating and developing high-tech industries such as electronic information, bioengineering, new materials, modern traditional Chinese medicine, energy conservation and environmental protection, actively develop software development, new electronic components, bio based materials, rare earth and other high-performance materials, biomass energy, energy conservation and environmental protection materials and products, and build a gap base for traditional Chinese medicine. Improve the innovation ability and incubation ability of Nanning and Beihai high-tech industrial parks. Build Nanning biomass industry base

ocean. Guangxi is rich in marine resources, with an area of 130000 square kilometers in the Beibu Gulf, 1595 kilometers of mainland coastline, 605 kilometers of island coastline, and 235 kilometers of coastline available for port development. Ports and marine fisheries, oil and gas, minerals, tourism, beaches, and ecological resources are abundant. Give full play to the advantages of marine resources, vigorously cultivate and develop marine industries such as deep processing of marine products, marine Biopharmaceutics, marine chemical industry, and strengthen the exploration and development of marine mineral resources. Promoting marine science and technology makes it difficult for general enterprises to enter the industrialization of technological achievements

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