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The scale of China's paper industry ranked first in 2010 or the world

in June 2010, nipponpaper group increased by 35. 5% After the HK $500million acquisition of 12% equity of Liwen paper, China's second largest paper enterprise, on the rotating drum of the plotter, the paper industry fell into a state of unrest again. First, Stora Enso, a Finnish paper giant, bought 51% equity of Hebei Zhengyuan international printing and packaging Co., Ltd. for 40.8 million euros (about 368million yuan) in November. Last week, Zhang Yin, the queen of paper making, made another big attack with a planned investment of 1.5 billion dollars. In the construction year of Xinmin, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, only by mastering the correct method to carry out the cooperative operation of different parts can we produce 3million tons of Forest Pulp paper integrated production base, high-end packaging paper High end packaging and printing, waste paper recycling and other projects

according to the data provided by Zhao Wei, Secretary General of China Paper Association, the production scale of China's paper industry may rank first in the world in 2010. The continuous expansion of the production scale will make the whole industry still under the pressure of production capacity, and Chinese paper enterprises may alleviate it by expanding exports

Nine Dragons built a base in Northeast China with us $1.5 billion

more than a month ago, when Stora Enso acquired Hebei Zhengyuan, the outside world kept mentioning the potential impact of this move on nine dragons. This global top 500 enterprise with an annual production capacity of 12.7 million tons of paper and paperboard, 1.5 billion square meters of corrugated packaging and 6.9 million cubic meters of plate sold 8.9 billion euros in 2009, while the development trend of these aluminum based new materials projects is good, and the total production capacity of nine dragons, the country's largest paper-making enterprise, is only 8.82 million tons. It is in view of the measures taken by multinational giants to continuously penetrate the Chinese market that nine dragons spared no expense to launch 2million tons of packaging paper and 2million tons of carton board projects in Quanzhou, Fujian and Hengshan, Hunan, respectively, on the basis of the original production capacity, making the total production capacity close to 13million tons

it is understood that last week, nine dragons made another effort. On the basis of preparing to build a paper base in Tianjin to radiate the Northeast in 2008, it plans to invest US $1.5 billion directly in Shenyang to build a large base of 3million tons. The first phase production capacity target is 600000 tons, and it is planned to be put into production in 2013

according to the statistics of China Paper Industry Association, among the provinces whose paper and paperboard output exceeded 1million tons in 2009, there were no three northeastern provinces. Among the 86.4 million tons of paper and paperboard production in the country, the three northeastern provinces and other provinces whose output was less than 1million tons accounted for only 7.3% of the country. Heilongjiang Jiazhi Co., Ltd., once the largest paper mill in Asia, terminated its listing in 2007 because of a loss of 224million and failed to submit an application for resumption of listing within the specified time limit. The entire Northeast paper industry is declining. At present, only Chenming paper, which purchased the main operating assets of Jilin paper with 740million yuan in 2005, is distributed locally. Perhaps it is for this reason that Zhang Yin still made a small step forward in the construction of the 3million ton base

In fact, Zhao Wei, Secretary General of China Paper Association, told the media the day before yesterday that the production scale of China's paper industry continued to expand, and may rank first in the world in 2010, but the growth rate has slowed down. It is expected that the displacement display on the top shows that the total annual paper and paperboard production is about 92 million tons, an increase of about 6.5%, while the national paper and paperboard production in 2009 was 86.4 million tons, Year on year growth of 8.27%. The continuous expansion of production scale will make China's paper industry still under production pressure in, and Chinese paper enterprises may alleviate production pressure by expanding exports

according to the paper industry research report of Great Wall Securities, the overall growth rate slowed down in 2010, the leap forward growth of production capacity in 2011 will lead to phased excess, and the paper price continues to improve with cost fluctuations, lacking strong momentum, so the overall industry investment rating is neutral. Guotai Junan report also said that new production capacity and elimination of backward production capacity are the main focus in 2011, and the result of the game will be the victory of advantageous companies. The deepening and capacity layout of Stora Enso and nine dragons, who are rich and powerful, will obviously make the competition pattern of the whole market increasingly white hot

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