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Papermaking equipment and papermaking development (V)

first, with the strong support of the state, seize the great opportunity of introducing technology and do a good job in introducing technology. With the help of foreign achievements, it is not only an indispensable basic production technology for a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also accelerates the development speed of our country. On the one hand, we should pay attention to the introduction of RT -- the technology of measuring resistance value of conductor, which should be both advanced and suitable for national conditions. We should act according to our ability to prevent being in a hurry, resulting in indigestion and being too quick to reach. On the other hand, we should make sufficient human and material preparations for the digestion and absorption of the introduced technology, conduct in-depth research on the introduced technology while developing products, and innovate on this basis, so as to create products more suitable for China's national conditions, so that the technology can continue to develop and sublimate

second, we should strengthen our own development. It should be said that our technicians have accumulated rich experience in the past long-term practice and have strong self-development ability. The problem is to create necessary conditions for them. First, the investment of development funds. The second is to establish necessary means of product development and testing, especially for leading products and key parts. On the basis of reliable testing, necessary data should be obtained as the basis of product design to ensure the reliable performance of products. Papermaking equipment is a highly technological equipment. If it is not done, it is difficult for users to choose it with confidence

2) equipment manufacturing enterprises should break the closed development mechanism, strengthen the combination with colleges, universities and research institutes, and form a product development mechanism integrating production, learning and research. Give full play to their respective advantages, divide work and cooperate, focus on overcoming difficulties, and accelerate the development process. Some enterprises can't establish test means for the time being, and can make full use of national test bases or centers established in society, especially colleges and universities, or cooperate or entrust experiments

3) we should further improve the rationality and economy of the manufacturing process and strive to improve the automation of the processing process. In particular, CNC machine tools or special equipment should be used for the processing of key components as far as possible, and fully rely on automatic control to ensure the processing accuracy. In recent years, the internationally popular "simple" CNC machine tools and "simple" machining centers can reduce investment and ensure the processing quality for some small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises

4) fully rely on social forces, give play to the spirit of great cooperation, break the situation of large and comprehensive, small and comprehensive, and rely on the advanced processing capabilities of military industry, machinery and other industries to solve their own processing difficulties. It can not only reduce their own input, achieve less input and more output, but also ensure the processing quality of products

5) actively promote the professional production of parts and components, and form a distinctive and high-quality parts and components production system. The main engine manufacturer should break the concept of closed production and focus on the processing of key parts and the comprehensive synthesis ability of the whole machine or the whole system, so as to ensure the quality and performance of products and meet the needs of users

6) qualified host production enterprises should fully consider, take their own technological advantages or brand products as the leader, use the market mechanism, and take capital as the link to operate in the enterprise group development mode. Form cross regional, cross industry and cross ownership enterprise groups. This group should have the supply capacity of complete sets or systematic equipment with different characteristics and be responsible for its technical performance. On the one hand, it provides convenience for users, on the other hand, it also makes users feel at ease

7) for newly developed products, we should cooperate closely with users, understand the problems found in users' use at any time, track them at any time, give feedback in time, and improve them immediately, so as to improve the performance of products in continuous improvement and better meet the needs of users

8) qualified enterprises should actively carry out various forms of cooperation with foreign brand manufacturers, such as cooperative manufacturing or holding joint ventures or establishing maintenance centers or cooperative research and development, and use their advanced research and development means and technical talents as much as possible to jointly develop new equipment suitable for China's national conditions and market needs

9) it is the premise of developing high-tech products to cultivate a group of high-level technical teams by using various forms such as introducing talents and overseas training. Only in this way can we continuously develop advanced papermaking equipment for the development of the paper industry, which can accumulate the experience of the largest designer in the world. This kind of experiment is mainly used for the layout of fragile rocks or the papermaking equipment near fragile rocks, Realize the modernization of papermaking equipment and serve the modernization of papermaking industry. (end of full text)

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