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Chevron, the energy giant of China's heavy equipment optimization industry, appeared at the Shanghai BMW construction machinery exhibition

Chevron, the energy giant of China's heavy equipment optimization industry, appeared at the Shanghai BMW construction machinery exhibition

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(November 27, 2018, Shanghai). The biennial Shanghai BMW Construction Machinery Exhibition (Bauma China) kicked off again, bringing together nearly 3000 exhibitors from 41 countries and regions, Show China and even Asia the cutting-edge innovative products and technologies in the field of global construction machinery. Chevron, one of the international energy giants, appeared at the exhibition with its multi line brands and products with short production time, conveying its high attention to the economic development of China's machinery industry and comprehensive industries, and its attitude of actively participating in it and seeking common optimization and development

according to the statistics of China Machinery Industry Federation, China's machinery industry achieved steady development in 2018, with the monthly added value of the machinery industry increasing by 7.2% year-on-year. It is expected that the annual added value and the growth rate of main business income will be about 7%. After years of rapid development, the scale of China's machinery industry has reached a high level, but with the continuous expansion of the base, the growth rate of relevant indicators has also fallen to a certain extent. The head of China Machinery Industry Federation pointed out at the 2018 national machinery industry economic situation report meeting held on November 8 that although the deformation continues to occur, the variables of external challenges faced by China's industrial economy in 2018 have increased. This year is also the key year for the implementation of the 13th five year plan, and it is also a crucial year for the transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry. The whole industry urgently needs to develop in depth, It will escort the sustained and rapid development of China's industry, economy and society

in this regard, Mr. Guo Baomin, President of Chevron lubricants Greater China, said that Chevron brand has a long history of 139 years. As one of the first international energy brands to enter the Chinese market and return to the Chinese market after the reform and opening up, Chevron attaches great importance to the development of its business in China. Especially in the field of lubricants closely related to the machinery industry, Chevron is one of the few Lubricant Manufacturers in the world that can achieve independent production from base oil to additives. Over the years, Chevron lubricants has maintained close and fruitful cooperation with many local leading enterprises such as Sinopec, and has built a complete set of product R & D, production and sales service system to provide more high-quality lubrication solutions for the Chinese market

"this year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Chevron has witnessed the remarkable achievements made by the Chinese government in economic and social development in the past 40 years, as well as the substantial improvement of the material and spiritual life and consumption level of the Chinese people." Mr. guobaomin said, "Higher consumer demand needs to be met by higher levels of manufacturing and service industries, which is bound to drive the upgrading of technology and services in all industries of the whole society. This also provides a stage for Chevron to show itself and give full play to its energy - Chevron's leading technology and strong scientific research capabilities will bring better product service experience to the Chinese market and people through the industrial chain, while achieving energy conservation, environmental protection and low emissions. This is of great significance to the current Chinese industry It is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading and in-depth development needs faced by the industrial economy. " He also said that Chevron appreciates China's macro strategy in industrial and economic development and is willing to help Chinese machinery industry enterprises improve the durability and efficiency of machinery and equipment, reduce overall operating costs, help the industry and society cope with environmental and energy challenges, and achieve sustainable development

in terms of products and technology, Chevron researchers often copolymerize lubricants with hydrophilic materials. Mr. Joseph Bronfman, vice president of commercial/industrial and OEM lubricants in Greater China, said that Chevron has technology research and development centers in Richmond, the United States, and Ghent, Belgium, and cooperates with OEM manufacturers around the world to participate in the formulation of industry standards and constantly develop and lead the lubrication technology of the industry. In terms of diesel engine oil closely related to construction machinery, Dele brand products are produced with unique isosyn patented technology, with performance comparable to synthetic engine oil, which can greatly improve the reliability of industrial equipment, extend the oil change cycle, and save maintenance costs for customers

as a barometer of economy, the lubricant industry can accurately reflect the trend and changes of a country's industrial economic development. For this BMW construction machinery exhibition, Chevron brought products such as Deloitte 400 MGX diesel engine oil, Deloitte long-term heavy-duty antifreeze and antirust fluid, and special super grade anti-wear hydraulic oil for construction machinery, which have excellent performance in energy conservation, emission reduction and efficiency improvement. "Deloitte is a leading brand of diesel engine lubricants that sells well all over the world. Our products are not only applicable to the 'national five' emission standard, but also to the 'national six' standard for heavy-duty diesel vehicles just passed by the Ministry of ecological environment." Mr. Joseph Bronfman also said, "we hope to use leading technology to provide better lubrication technology solutions for relevant industries in China, and set an example for the whole industry in responding to increasingly stringent environmental standards."

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