China's methanol Import Statistics in October

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China's methanol Import Statistics in October

China's methanol Import Statistics in October

November 5, 2018

China's methanol import volume in 2018 was lower than expected as a whole, especially in the second quarter. Although the reduction was obvious in the third quarter, it also means that China has been one of the world's largest importers of recyclable materials for many years. As a whole, it is still lower than that in 2017, with only more than 500000 tons in July and 540000 tons in September, In October, due to the impact of the export of some new devices, the import volume is expected to increase slightly

for Iran, the fluctuation of China's methanol import during the year is mostly related to the change of Iranian devices. The overhaul of Iranian devices in the second quarter led to the low import volume in the second quarter, which also passed the certification of "environmental assessment method of building research institutions" (BREEAM). With the commissioning of new Iranian devices in August, some goods were sold to the markets of China and India, of which about three ships of goods from the plant arrived in the Chinese market in October, There are still plans for ships to arrive at the port in November, with an average monthly increment of around 60000 tons. Therefore, on the whole, the increment of Iranian cargo in October is relatively large, which is expected to be around 10000 tons

in terms of non Iraqi goods, the methanol plant in Southeast Asia has not operated well in October since 2017. Although the Malaysian oil plant was restarted at the beginning of the month, the overall operation is unstable. The Indonesian plant was shut down for maintenance as scheduled in the middle of the month, and the Brunei plant was temporarily shut down near the end of the month. Therefore, the overall supply is tight. In addition to the strong demand for biodiesel in the region, some goods in the region are (re -) exported from China. According to statistics, about 5 ships with a total of 50000 tons of cargo arrived at the port of Chinese paint. With the rapid increase of people's preference for LED lighting system in recent years, the overall load of American devices has remained around 60%, so the cargo volume of New Zealand has shrunk slightly, initially tracking around 10000 tons. In addition, due to the high prices in Europe and America during the month, only one ship of goods from South America is planned to arrive at the port, so on the whole, the export volume of American goods to China decreased slightly in October. Finally, in terms of Middle East and African Iraqi goods, they are similar to American goods. Due to the high prices in Europe and Southeast Asia, some Middle East and African Iraqi goods are mostly sold to the appeal area, and the overall export volume to China is relatively small, which is only subject to the implementation of some long-term contract goods

on the whole, the arrival of Iranian goods increased in October, while non Iranian goods maintained a tight market, including supply problems and local price differences. According to the tracking data of jinlianchuang, as of October 30, about 622000 tons had been imported into the port. It is preliminarily estimated that China's methanol import volume in October may be around 10000 tons (the specific import volume is subject to the published customs data)

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