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On August 31, the high-level forum on Ecological Shandong construction and the Fifth International Expo on green industry was held in Jinan according to Bloomberg 24 last month. At the Green Expo, many enterprises in the province are building a green circular economy, turning industrial waste into green products through scientific and technological research and development, and the road of turning waste into treasure has brought many surprises to people

the former paper-making sewage is now transformed into machine fertilizer, the leader of the production enterprise with testing machines

residents near Liaocheng Gaotang Quanlin paper industry thought of turning the sewage discharged by the paper mill into organic fertilizer, purifying the wastewater and irrigating the farmland. In the exhibition hall of Quanlin paper industry, in addition to all kinds of paper products, the most amazing thing is bags of black particles. Guoxiyan, director of the cultural publicity group of Quanlin paper, who led the delegation to the exhibition, said that these products were extracted from the black liquor of industrial papermaking

the so-called Black Liquor refers to the waste water generated after the cooking of papermaking raw materials. In the past, these black waters were discharged after treatment. Earlier, they were directly discharged into the river without any treatment, and the pollution spread. Since 2000, Quanlin began to think about how to turn wastewater into something valuable

black liquor actually contains a lot of organic ammonia, which is the main component of organic fertilizer. We think it can make a good article on green cycle. In 2003, after repeated demonstration, Quanlin invested in the straw black liquor treatment system, which realized the dream of converting black liquor into organic fertilizer. Around 2007, with the continuous progress of scientific research and technology, this system has gradually matured. Quanlin began to produce a large number of organic fertilizers and began to take organic fertilizers as another key product after paper products. Up to now, the annual output of Quanlin organic fertilizer has reached 400000 tons, which is exported to more than 30 provinces in China

catering waste turns into gas and fertilizer

among the many green enterprises participating in the exhibition, several large machines in the middle of the exhibition hall also attracted many eyeballs. It turns out that this is the latest catering waste sanitary treatment equipment developed by eco clean environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. which will always jump out many particles and cause many dust for 18 months. The machine adopts a customized sales method, and the capacity of the machine can be determined according to the scale of garbage generated by the restaurant. The reason why this product is produced is to curb the frequent food safety chaos of garbage pigs, gutter oil and so on in recent years if there is a value on the counter. If the catering waste is disposed of and the production of gutter oil is eliminated from the source, the whole food safety environment will certainly be purified

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