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Doosan machinery: efficient and powerful, oil-saving and environmental protection, dx230lc

Doosan machinery: efficient and powerful, oil-saving and environmental protection, dx230lc-9c sound on the ground

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"it is difficult to climb the blue sky in Sichuan", Sichuan is famous for its mountains and rivers and complex geology. At the construction site of national highway 5 in Hanyuan County, Ya'an City, an orange steel "great Xia" suddenly appeared between the rough pier and high bridge. He was the Doushan dx230lc-9c purchased by the boss heqijun for the new project

the construction site, which used to be full power and overcome difficulties, also ushered in a short pause

facing the arduous construction task, everyone has long been looking forward to new helpers joining the team. They were so happy that they couldn't help making banners to celebrate the delivery of the new excavator. Their joy was beyond expression

the pilots made their own banners to celebrate the delivery of the new machine

it is said that dx230lc-9c is also one of the main "golden twin guns" in Doosan's new products. The pilots are all rubbing their hands to try fresh food and water

"Doosan's equipment is highly recognized in Ya'an. Customers who come to rent equipment for engineering will first choose Doosan brand."

this dx230lc-9c is not small. As one of Doosan's latest models, his figure is still very rare in the country. He Qijun can have one first, thanks to his courage to try new things and his trust in Doosan products accumulated over the years

for the reason of purchasing this excavator, Heqijun said: "Doosan's equipment is in the whole 4. When the safety adjustment position is not adjusted properly, the rubber material universal experimental machine can't rise to high pressure. When the oil delivery valve of the experimental oil pump is in good condition, if the pointer can rise steadily at low tonnage, and after reaching high tonnage, the pointer always stays in a small range. No matter how to increase the oil intake, when the tonnage still rises, you can loosen the safety valve nut, tighten the screw to the appropriate device, and then tighten the nut for adjustment. Ya'an's recognition is false Chang Gao, when customers come to rent equipment for engineering, they will first choose Doosan brand. Like the previous Doosan dh225lc-9, Doosan dx300lc-9c, Doosan dx260lc-9c and other models, all have sufficient power, strong excavation force, smooth operation, and are very popular everywhere

so this time there is a need for development. I was the first to see Doosan. I learned that dx230lc-9c was listed and decided (to buy) at that time. "

Doosan dh225lc-9 is a veteran star in Ya'an excavator market.

"this dx230lc-9c not only lived up to my trust, but also exceeded my expectations."

of course, good excavators don't say it, they do it! Facing the huge workload in the peak construction season, he Qijun's team often has several drivers on shifts and people stop working constantly, but after more than three months, dx230lc-9c has no problem at all

calculate the cost by breaking your fingers again, both fuel consumption and workload are commendable. In the words of he Qijun, "this dx230lc-9c not only lived up to my trust, but also exceeded my expectations."

in fact, he Qijun felt the strong power and fast and flexible action of dx230lc-9c when he drove it for the first time

after it was put into construction, it received feedbacks from machine operators and customers one after another. They said that it was extremely efficient, very fuel-efficient, and very intelligent and humanized in design, which made the driver's operation easier and more convenient and more comfortable. Everyone was very satisfied

he Qijun said, "dx230lc-9c has been bought for more than three months now, and there has never been any problem. The attendance rate is extremely high."

"Doosan people" are busy at the construction site

"first of all, we should consider whether the model design meets the requirements of working conditions. In addition, the quality of products is the most important consideration standard. At the same time, post service is also essential."

from being an excavator driver at first to becoming the boss of a leasing company with many large excavators, he Qijun has been involved in the construction machinery industry for more than ten years

talking about excavators, he told us, "First of all, we should consider whether the model design meets the working conditions. In addition, the quality of the product is the most important consideration standard. At the same time, we will serve you wholeheartedly in the later service! Service is also essential. Only when these are met, the construction can be handy. In this case, only Doosan can do it best. Even if the operation intensity is very high, the failure rate of Doosan excavator is very low. Generally, it only needs normal maintenance, which rarely occurs Problems of key components. Moreover, Doosan service not only pays regular return visits, but also is on call. If there is any problem, you can solve it by calling it. "

heqijun told us that at present, most of the company's excavators are Doosan brands. Since 2017, the domestic construction machinery industry has developed very well, and the business volume of the company is steadily increasing. In the later stage, we will consider purchasing several additional Doosan equipment

throughout the long history, from the Three Kingdoms period, Shu Han fought for the world, down to the Wenchuan earthquake, fighting against natural disasters with one heart, and the industrious and pragmatic spirit has been inherited by the Bashu people from generation to generation

up to now, in the vigorous construction boom, their choice of excavators is also full of simple wisdom

the dx230lc-9c, which just settled in Ya'an, Sichuan Province in April this year, is the most powerful excavator with high efficiency, oil conservation and environmental protection

friendship raises awareness in terms of mining

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