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Ai Ai blessing, challenge boyue, GS4, BAIC Saab smart bank listed and sold 79900

since the Chengdu auto show announced the pre price (80..29000 yuan), BAIC Saab smart bank, the first SUV with Ai Ai as the core positioning, has received widespread attention and become another masterpiece leading the upgrading of automobile. Today (September 21), BAIC Saab Zhihang was officially launched at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. A total of six new models were launched at a price range of 7 990000 yuan. Compared with the current popular mainstream SUVs, such as Geely boyue and trumpchi GS4, the sincere price will also become one of the sharp tools for BAIC Saab smart to disrupt the compact SUV market

ai car is the future trend of future cars and travel modes. At the launch press conference of Saab smart bank, a wealth of AI experience projects made people fully feel the convenience brought by intelligence and technology. Before listing, BAIC Saab Zhixing space station has also landed in major cities, becoming a red land for consumers to clock in. It can be seen that Ai Ai has been highly sought after. So what about Saab Zhixing, the first AI car in the industry, said zhumeifang, a professor at Donghua University

the appearance of BAIC Saab Zhixing adopts the design language of "offspace concept car", and the front face adopts two kinds of air intake grille designs of banner type and three-dimensional dot matrix, with thick chrome plated trim around it. It looks exquisite and fashionable, and has a great sense of quality of German cars. The double L-shaped daytime running lights show the lighting effect of angel eyes. The "skyline" full LED tail lamp design has a strong sense of technology and recognition. In addition, the new car also has five appearance colors: jet black, pearl white, laser silver, lava red and Kashmir blue, which can meet the needs of different consumers

in terms of body size, BAIC Saab Zhixing has a length, width and height of 4480*1837*1680mm and a wheelbase of 2665mm. It is a standard compact SUV size, which is not far behind Geely boyue, trumpchi GS4 and other models

in terms of interior decoration, the new car creates a luxurious visual effect and riding experience. The design of the central console draws on the accomplishments of BAIC Benz. The suspended 9-inch central console large screen with chromium plated round air is introduced into the air outlet of wafer/chip production line, advanced photoresist, electronic wet chemicals and other integrated circuits and supporting industrial projects, which is very classy. The leather seat with red stitching adopts a high console design, which is more ergonomic. BAIC Saab Zhixing has made great efforts in both interior design and materials, and its quality is excellent among models of the same level

ai technology is the biggest highlight of Saab Zhixing in the face of similar models, According to car circle, its AI core technology includes three functions - AI vehicle condition steward, AI voice assistant and AI safety guard, which will bring consumers a comprehensive AI experience from driving control to safety

first of all, the AI vehicle condition steward can collect, analyze and predict the data of various important parts of the vehicle in real time through AI technology, so as to curb the hidden trouble of anchoring in the bud and guide the car owners to form correct driving habits. AI voice assistant has achieved more breakthroughs in human vehicle interaction. 228 intelligent voice controls in the whole vehicle can quickly and accurately recognize 21 dialects in different regions, leading the intelligent voice system carried by vehicles of the same level. AI security guard includes 360 ° follow-up panoramic image, BSD blind spot monitoring, LDW lane departure warning, and the only mod low-speed object dynamic recognition function at the same level. The application of AI technology in Saab smart travel has greatly improved our travel safety, which is also our purpose of coming to Zibo, reducing the probability of accidents by about 30% compared with other models

if AI technology is the magic weapon of Saab Zhixing's "surprise victory", then the unique rich configuration of Saab Zhixing at the same level is the embodiment of sincerity. The new car is not only equipped with EPB electronic handbrake, TPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring and Bosch ESP body stability system as standard, but also equipped with the unique rear wheel follow-up steering system and 7+9-inch interactive dual screen linkage function at the same level. In terms of comfort configuration, 1.25 ㎡ super large full view window and intelligent constant temperature automatic air conditioning, which are comparable to the NVH of the joint venture, will bring comfortable and comfortable driving experience to consumption and passengers

in terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.5T engine, with a maximum horsepower of 150ps and a peak torque of 210nm, which can meet daily needs. In terms of transmission, the 6-gear manual or CVT stepless transmission is matched, which gives better consideration to fuel economy. According to the understanding of car circle, BAIC Saab Zhixing's fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 7.2l, lower than that of boyue (7.8l/100km)

car circle believes that the compact SUV market is the most competitive segment, and it is also a market dominated by new models and new technologies, but the market pattern is relatively stable. Facing competitors such as Haval H6 and trumpchi GS4, BAIC Saab must have a few brushes. Relying on Ai Ai Ai technology, the new car has excellent design, luxury technology interior, and beyond the configuration of models of the same level, And the sincere price moves consumers, and is expected to become a rookie in the independent SUV market

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