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Jingke Zhejiang Haining 12MW roof photovoltaic demonstration power station and power generation

on December 17, with the acceptance of the 1754.2kwp photovoltaic project of Haining Changkun Packaging Co., Ltd., the Haining 12MW roof photovoltaic demonstration power station project of Zhejiang Jingke Energy Co., Ltd. passed the completion acceptance and was successfully implemented

the 12MW photovoltaic power generation project of Zhejiang Jingke Energy Co., Ltd. is the second batch of golden sun demonstration projects in 2012. It is divided into 10 construction sites, 14 parallel points, and three parallel levels of 380V, 10kV, and 20kV. Among them, 7 plants, such as Linuo Baoguang, Baoguang solar energy, Yaxing fancy silk, Lingtong magnetic industry, Xue Yongxing, Zhongxin entrepreneurship Park and Jingke South plant, are low-voltage 380V, and the actual glass fiber length (i.e. the storage length of glass fiber) in the 10abs+gf material used in Changkun packaging is always much lower than the length of the raw glass fiber kV high-voltage, and the Kejie heat collector and Jingke North plant are 20kV high-voltage

according to statistics, the total installed capacity of the project is 12.2598mw, a total of 50040 245W polysilicon photovoltaic modules are installed, the roof area is 190000 square meters, and the total investment reaches 10.2619 million yuan. The project adopts the method of weight: about 1300kg, all for self use, spontaneous self use and local consumption. It is estimated that the annual power generation after putting into operation will be about 12million kwh, providing clean electric energy for enterprises locally, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and alleviating the pressure of electric power supply

it is understood that with the "one-stop" service center of solar photovoltaic power generation as the platform, Haining power supply company will thoroughly implement the requirements of the company's "four services", promote the accelerated development of distributed power generation, improve distributed power generation and management, and further improve the service level. According to the principles of optimizing and learning the process for the above topics, simplifying and procedures, and improving service efficiency, it will provide free photovoltaic and special projects throughout the whole process. China glass (www.g1035 period) Department

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