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Doosan helps the post market of construction machinery to improve the value of the industrial chain

Doosan helps the post market of construction machinery to improve the value of the industrial chain

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Guide: in September, 2013, under the background of significant changes in the market demand structure and macroeconomic environment, Wuhan news on the 19th, 2013, China Construction Machinery Z with the theme of pattern evolution and rule remodeling of the post market of construction machinery - carton perimeter length (CM); The post machinery market development forum and 2013 China Construction Machinery Industry Association maintenance and remanufacture branch annual meeting, 2013 China Construction Machinery Association maintenance engineering branch annual meeting recently

September 19, 2013 - Wuhan news, the 2013 China Construction Machinery post market development forum and the 2013 annual meeting of the maintenance and remanufacture branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and the 2013 annual meeting of the maintenance engineering branch of China Construction Machinery Association, with the theme of "the evolution of the pattern and rule reshaping of the construction machinery post market", were successfully held in Wuhan recently. This is an important attempt and innovation in China's construction machinery industry. Industry representatives, academic authorities, technical research, and brand manufacturers gathered here. As a leading construction machinery manufacturer in the world, Doosan attended and participated in the discussion as the main sponsor of the forum. Through the exchange and exchange of industry, market, academia and technology, this forum has promoted the exchange and improvement of various parties, and played a very positive role in promoting the revitalization of China's construction machinery industry

therefore, one of DuPont's 10 principles is good risk management and control. As one of China's strategic industries, the construction machinery industry has gradually moved towards a rational development stage after experiencing a period of rapid development, emphasizing the transformation of a green, energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly sustainable development model. The pattern of industry and market development has evolved according to the characteristics and needs of Chinese customers. The competition in service level, after-sales maintenance, parts sales, second-hand market and so on has become a new competitive focus in the construction machinery industry

as the main sponsor of this forum, Doosan construction machinery shared the successful experience of customer service accumulated by Doosan in the development of the Chinese market in the past 20 years. For important topics such as the evolution of the industry pattern and the reshaping of rules, how to maximize customer value, and putting customer value first, Doosan had in-depth discussions with many industry experts and partners in the same industry, listened carefully to the policy interpretation of industry experts on the development of remanufacturing industry, and looked forward to the future development and demand of the post market of construction machinery industry

the guests attending this forum were Ma shining, chairman of the maintenance engineering branch, Du Haitao, chairman of the maintenance and remanufacture branch, Xu Binshi, Professor of the Armored Forces Engineering College and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Wang Xiaoyang, deputy director of the comprehensive Department of the energy conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Qi Jun, President of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, and sun Peinan, general manager of the product service department of Doosan construction machinery in China, Yang Yihua, chairman of Qianlima Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd., and other industry representatives gathered with more than 300 representatives of construction machinery enterprises on the scene to discuss the future development of the post market of China's construction machinery industry

"Doosan has entered the Chinese market for nearly 20 years, and has always adhered to the concept of" customer-oriented, always moving ", providing customers with the best service, and becoming a benchmark in the industry", Sun Peinan, general manager of Product Service Department of Doosan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., said at the meeting: "In July this year, Doosan took the lead in launching doosancare's service brand and creating a new high standard service management system. It is through these efforts that Doosan engineering machinery's innovative services are well-known in the market and win customers. Through close cooperation with dealer partners, Doosan has built a nationwide sales service network to provide customers with fast and efficient services. Through post market and (2) The improvement of fire-proof material services can achieve sustainable development. Starting from the whole life cycle of customers' initial basic needs to later needs, it can enhance the value of the entire industrial chain, making Doosan one of the most trusted enterprises. "

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