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On June 12, the three-day Vietnam Industrial manufacturing fair 2019 kicked off in Ho Chi Minh City. Taking the "smart factory" as the main axis, kwangpo Technology (twse:2301) participated in the exhibition, focusing on automation equipment and industrial IOT solutions, including frequency converters, servo systems, man-machine interfaces, and motors, And the first industrial IOT gateway, which meets the needs of all smart factory equipment companies

zhengzhifeng, general manager of Guangbao Technology Industrial Automation Division, said: "Connect industrial automation related technologies, core products and customer applications, with the goal of building a smart factory with high adaptability and perfect resource integration. From more than 40 years of production and manufacturing experience, first-hand grasp the needs of the manufacturing site, integrate frequency conversion, servo and cloud industrial control systems, develop high-speed and precise motion control technology, import automatic parameter adjustment, and show reliable control performance to meet the needs of customers The solution will improve its process efficiency, promote the revolution of intelligent manufacturing, and create and bring a more convenient life for mankind. "

this time, Chen Zijian, the global business director, led the attack into the Vietnamese automation market, hoping to meet the needs of more manufacturers to expand the second overseas production base through the local dealer network. Whether it is plant facilities or production line automation, Guangbao can provide corresponding solutions to help operators improve the automation level of existing factories, and then further transform into we know that the locking structures on machinery are: veins, slopes Smart factories such as eccentric wheels and levers

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Guangbao technology takes the "smart factory" as the main axis to participate in the 2019 Vietnam automation exhibition, focusing on automation equipment and industrial IOT solutions

industrial control brain prevention and management. In the smart factory push

Guangbao industrial control solution, the front-end motion controller plays the role of human "brain", which has five characteristics to help customers effectively implement prevention and management, Including: 1GHz ultra-high speed four core computing capability, 100MB top gauge memory space, EtherCAT high-speed bus control multi-point expansion, support for precision high-speed mechanical equipment, servo synchronous movement up to 16 axes and support, so I think we also help solve this problem, the commonly used communication interface in the industry, etc. Zheng Zhifeng said, "intelligent manufacturing depends on integration capabilities. Guangbao will not only focus on products, but also connect motion controllers, frequency converters and servo motors to create a complete solution."

in order to help customers build smart factories, through motion controllers, frequency converters, servo motors, combined with mechanical automation and visual systems, we can gradually replace manual repetitive work, improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs. The high-speed communication link and powerful memory provide the factory management unit with remote monitoring of production conditions, transmission and backup of process and production data, abnormal records, power consumption management and other information, so that the maintenance personnel can grasp the machine operation status, order allocation and report analysis in real time

gateway iiot-2224-vga, the core of the industrial IOT solution of Guangbao technology, has an independent Ethernet port of 2 Gigabit, which can be used in local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) environments, and can also be used in the factory or in the cloud. It supports rs-232/422/485 communication interface, and its open system can perform edge operations at the machine end. In addition, another feature of the gateway is the multi elastic data acquisition mode. In the monitoring mode, it can easily transmit data between the motion controller and the human machine interface (HMI) without affecting the normal operation of the machine

Guangbao industrial automation division takes advantage of the group's resource integration, one-stop solution and high cost performance to actively develop smart industry, find distribution partners in localization, and not only seize the Vietnamese market. In the future, researchers have proposed a large number of experimental methods, including Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei And other countries to seize the huge business opportunities of ASEAN Industrial automation

about Guangbao technology

Guangbao technology takes "the best partner of photoelectric energy conservation and smart technology" as its vision, focuses on the development of core photoelectric components and key electronic components, and is committed to establishing mass production advantages through resource integration and management optimization. In 2018, it was selected as the "top 100 global technology leaders" by Thomson Reuters in the UK. Guangbao intelligent life and application business group provides comprehensive IOT solutions for sensing, transmission and application to create a comprehensive IOT life. For more details, please go to the official website of Guangbao technology or the fan page

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