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On the morning of February 13, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, Hegang publicity held a multi business special meeting. Chang Zhanfang, the chairman of the company, mixed the crosslinked PE with low activity and the PE material of hollow blow molding products with good activity. Zhou Zhisheng, the general manager, attended the meeting and put forward specific requirements for diversified business. All staff of the operation Department are required to further unify their thinking, change their ideas, correctly analyze their own advantages, face up to the gaps and deficiencies, clarify their mission, strengthen their confidence, fully seize historical opportunities, adhere to the benefit as the center, put the foothold on the contract, grasp the big rather than the small, and make the business real

at the meeting, the head of the publicity and operation Department of Hegang informed the internal organization adjustment, personnel arrangement and annual task and objective decomposition of the operation Department. At present, the business department has five major customer centers and integrated control rooms in the Han steel, Tang steel, Xuanhua Steel, Chenggang and cast iron sectors. Among them, Han steel's major customer center has Han steel's export proportion to emerging countries, which will also greatly increase the steel office, Wu steel office and Shi Steel office

when making statements, the managers and offices of key account centers should resolutely implement the company's decisions, maintain a high degree of consistency with the company, establish an image in work, make friends, be dutiful and complete tasks. We should cherish the executive platform provided by the company, do a good job in publicity, exchange and communication, implement the business into the contract, carry forward the team spirit, complement each other, make every effort to focus on their respective tasks and objectives, explore and innovate, overcome difficulties, have the courage to take responsibility, and resolutely complete the 2016 work goals with the indomitable spirit and the sense of urgency of not waiting for us, so as to contribute to the development of the company

Zhou Zhisheng, general manager of the publicity work of Hegang, put forward requirements for diversified businesses. Zhou Zhisheng pointed out that in the current economic situation, diversified business is a major supplement to the company's business, and the key is to supplement benefits. The operation Department is the essence team of the enterprise. After the efforts of last year, some situations have been opened. All employees of the business department should have a correct view of the situation and pay more attention to the favorable situation. Diversified business is a new thing for the company. Difficulties and opportunities coexist. The plan of the year lies in spring. The goal of this year has been clear. We should turn our attention to the advantages of the company and give full play to the positive energy of the enterprise

Zhou Zhisheng requires that diversified businesses should adhere to the benefit centered approach, that is, we should focus on the big, but not on the small. In particular, we should make full use of the advantages of Hegang group to make breakthroughs in steel deep processing and service trade, serve the internal market of the group, serve the processing and manufacturing enterprises in the region, and also serve our supporting production enterprises, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

Chang Zhanfang, chairman of the Publicity Department of Hegang, put forward work requirements for cadres and employees of the diversified business and business department. Chang Zhanfang pointed out that the three major efficiency creating sectors identified by the company this year, the main business and cast iron, have provided demonstration and guidance for diversified businesses. The team of the company is united, and the staff have superb technology and professionalism, which has laid a solid foundation for the enterprise to get out of difficulties. In the construction machinery industry, especially the bulldozer industry, the propaganda work of Hegang should always strive for the first place. The cadres and workers of the business department should further unify their thoughts, change their ideas, and correctly analyze their own advantages. Integrate thoughts and actions into the company's requirements, adhere to the main contradictions and problems, adhere to regular meetings, and implement the company's work requirements into everyone's work

Chang Zhanfang demanded that we should face up to the gaps and deficiencies of diversified businesses. The company should firmly grasp the historical opportunity to serve the huge internal market of the iron and steel group. We should do meticulous work to find out the consumption and supply of products required by customers. Training and training should be included in team management. In fact, in the industry, it is not productive equipment business communication. In terms of etiquette and personal quality, we should pay attention to ways and methods to maintain the corporate image

Chang Zhanfang stressed that practitioners of diversified businesses should clarify their mission and strengthen their confidence. The goal of this year has been made clear. The next step is to analyze the completion progress month by month, formulate completion, compensation and follow-up measures, and ensure the completion of the annual goal. History has pushed everyone to the stage of the development of publicity work. On the other hand, we have redoubled our efforts due to friction and resistance. The goal of this year's task is rigid. Everyone knows the indicators and responsibilities they shoulder every day. There is pressure, keep an eye on the goal, and establish the confidence that they will achieve the goal. With the support of the group and its subsidiaries, the company's tasks and objectives must be completed

the directors of some branches and heads of departments and offices also made statements

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