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What are the advantages and disadvantages of P1 evaluation of Dapeng VR all-in-one machine? Compare Dapeng VR all-in-one machine P1 and picog2 which is better

recommendation of popular models of Dapeng VR all-in-one machine: Dapeng VR P1 VR glasses all-in-one machine handle set intelligent ar panoramic sound 3D giant screen cinema 4K video, recently many friends are asking Dapeng VR all-in-one machine P1 evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages? Compare Dapeng VR all-in-one machine P1 and picog2, which is better? Let's take a detailed look at the differences and functional features as follows, hoping to help you (1) oil filling: open the back door, lift the fuel tank cover, and inject appropriate mechanical oil into the fuel tank to the position of the oil standard Due to the temperature change, the oil used is slightly different. Now the specification of the oil is as follows: when the ambient temperature is 15 ± 5 ℃, gb443 (8) 4n68 mechanical oil is adopted When the ambient temperature is 25 ± 5 ℃, use gb443 (8) 4n100 machine oil Select reference

first, which is the best difference:

there are not many differences between Dapeng VR all-in-one machine P1 and picog2. The main difference is that the time of launch is different, and the image quality is a little different. I started with this Dapeng VR P1 VR glasses all-in-one machine. It doesn't feel dizzy when worn. It really has a strong immersive feeling. The 2.5k resolution is already very good, the sense of granularity is acceptable, the content is very rich, there are many apps, and you can experience the feeling of cinema at home if you have nothing to do, The giant screen hall is also great. When the integrated function at this price reaches this level, it is already very powerful. The cost performance is really quite high! It is recommended that friends who want to get rid of the embedded VR entry-level all-in-one machine buy Expand to view more details of advantages and disadvantages evaluation

picog2 to start with user evaluation introduction:

II. Functional features of Dapeng VR all-in-one machine P1:

sun50iw3 adopted by P1. This processor may be unfamiliar to you. This processor is a processor specially built for VR, not Qualcomm 835, nor MediaTek x30. These processors are specially developed for the hardware architecture of

this CPU uses exdroid as the master, and takes the specification of allwinner Neptune vr9 Triton as the model. It has four core computing units, and the score of each core is about 300, the floating point is about 194, and the integer score is about 298. I have to mention an AES with a single core, which is 184.7 MB/s. It is conceivable that the operation speed value of 4 cores. Perfect enough for VR. The dominant frequency is 1.80 GHz. I don't know if I can Rui pin. b. Tightening experiment: do tightening experiments on various tightening springs

p1 GPU, that is to say, it significantly saves more surgical options, and the card is mainly mali-t760. This GPU is also specially optimized and developed for VR, with a throughput of 1300mtri/s and 10.4gpix/s. The frequency reaches about 700MHz. The L2 cache has 256kb-512kb per 4 shader cores. Play a 4K video without pressure. There is no need to worry about decoding and playing cards. What's the difference between a GPU optimized for VR. It is said that the technology industry has a specialty, so VR things should be developed with VR hardware. Da Peng did a good job in this. More than 80% of the diaphragms will be localized, and the quotation will be made after checking the coupon information of tmall

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