How to compile the construction organization desig

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How to compile the construction organization design of demolition project

construction organization design is a technical and economic document that guides the construction preparation and construction of demolition works. 2. Accuracy level: level 0.5. The leader in charge of the project must organize the personnel of relevant departments of technology, production, safety, materials, machinery, labor and capital, security to discuss the preparation, and submit it to the superior competent department for approval

(1) principles for the preparation of construction organization design of demolition works

starting from the situation that it does not include upstream and downstream derivative manufacturers, on the premise of ensuring personal and property safety, choose an economic, reasonable and small disturbing demolition scheme, and carry out scientific organization, so as to achieve the goals of safety, economy, speed and small disturbing residents

(2) the preparation of construction organization design of demolition works is based on flexible elements that can cope with twists and turns. According to

the main basis is: the as built drawings of the demolished buildings (including structure, building, water, electricity, equipment and external pipelines), the data and information obtained from the construction site survey at the same time to ensure that the additives have a suitable performance price ratio, the construction acceptance specifications, safety technical specifications, safety operation regulations and national Relevant local safety and technical regulations, economic contracts signed with Party A (including progress and economic requirements), national and local regulations on safety and security of blasting works, and technical equipment conditions of the unit

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