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What is the fate of the four axle car after the 921 new regulations? After the comprehensive upgrading of the national five year plan, how to buy a car

921 after the new regulations, what is the fate of the four axle car? After comprehensively upgrading the national five year plan, how to buy a car

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what is the new standard of gb1589

921 after the new regulations, the fate of four axle cars..........

how to buy a car after the comprehensive upgrading of the national five year plan

when will the national six emission standards be implemented

gb1589 what is the new standard

the most important policy for the plastic film and composite materials industry of the transportation industry in 2017 is the implementation of GB and the following 921 new policy to control excess. After the promulgation and implementation of the new version of gb1589, the vehicle width has changed from the original 2.5m to 2.55m (refrigerated vehicle 2.6m); The classification of mid axle vehicles has been added


gb1589 will focus on standardizing the car transport market. One of the key points of governance is to gradually ban double row car transport vehicles, so as to solve the safety hazards caused by over width overload, and vigorously promote the use of center axle vehicle transport vehicles

in response to the new regulations and market demand, Dongfeng commercial vehicle timely launched a mid axle car carrier that meets the latest gb1589 regulations

this car is matched with Dongfeng Cummins isd6.7 engine, and the internal bonding strength fully meets the limit load required by the new regulations. The maximum power is upgraded to 300 HP, and the maximum torque can reach 1100n m. The maximum torque can be achieved between turns, which really meets the needs of Kangfen to reduce operating costs. The speed is faster, the operation efficiency is higher, and the turning radius is smaller, so it is easy to deal with urban road conditions

after the 921 new regulations, the fate of four axle vehicles...

with the clear requirements of the "921 new regulations" of the Ministry of transport on the standard limits of the quality of different models, to ensure the consistency of national standards, among which the total weight of vehicles and goods is 31 tons for the four axle vehicles with the most controversial according to the 921 regulations


the four axle vehicle is flexible and stable, and the industry demand is large, but the body weight is at least about 10 tons. Therefore, some regions still take 36 tons as the overrun limit of four axle vehicles in this region. However, with the issuance of the notice, the four axle vehicle will be unified to 31 tons. Remember how much your car can be loaded and refuse to overload

how to buy a car after comprehensively upgrading the national five year plan

compared with the fourth model of the country, the fifth model of the country will be in the post-processing technology 11 Click the run button to start testing and improve engine technology


Dongfeng Cummins has always led the trend of the times. Just take Tianlong flagship 520 as an example:

Tianlong flagship 520 is equipped with Dongfeng Cummins isz13 engine, the national five emission standard, and the power is improved. The component types in the market today are S-type to 520 HP, which can achieve the maximum torque of 2460n m。 In the common speed range, the torque at rpm is 200N higher than that of other engines m! When the accelerator is pressed, the power is on the trigger, the climbing performance is good, the gear shift is light, and the handling performance is high

in terms of fuel consumption, the minimum specific fuel consumption of isz520 engine is 186g/kw h. The fuel consumption of the whole vehicle is 0.9l/100km less than that of other vehicles. Taking 2000 kilometers as an example, one trip can save 18L

when will the national six emission standards be implemented

the national six emission standard is planned to be implemented in 2020. On September 12, 2017, the draft of emission limits and measurement methods of pollutants from heavy-duty diesel vehicles (China's sixth stage) (hereinafter referred to as "national six standards for heavy-duty vehicles") passed the expert technical review in Beijing

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