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Chinese enterprises have actively participated in the ipex2006 International Printing Exhibition. IIR exhibition company, the organizer of ipex2006 international printing exhibition, recently revealed that printing enterprises from China can easily place their products, and the industry is actively signing up for the exhibition. The 3000 square meter booth originally expected to be allocated to Southeast Asian countries, accounting for about 5% of the total area, has been booked by Chinese enterprises

the participation of Yong Yue, a Chinese enterprise funded by relevant government departments, has not only created excellent market opportunities for the enterprise itself, but also brought vitality to the ipex2006 exhibition, which will enable industry visitors from all over the world to access new technologies and products provided by China for the world market. Mr. trevorcrawford, director of ipex2006 exhibition, said that the exhibition organizers were very pleased with the enthusiasm of Chinese enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and decided to add an additional 1000 square meters of booth for Asian enterprises that can obtain the deformation of samples. He believes that the Asian market, especially the Chinese market, is extremely important for the ipex2006 exhibition and exhibitors in other regions, and has huge market investment potential, said Qu Jinping

according to preliminary statistics, the booth area reserved by the last exhibitors from China at the new IPEX exhibition in April next year has increased by nearly 50% compared with the previous one. By next April, the number of booth reservations from China is expected to increase further. At the same time, the organizers of the exhibition are taking measures to attract more visitors from China. According to the organizer of the exhibition, Chinese visitors are particularly interested in new technologies and trends in large format printing, digital printing and Internet applications; The product display of thousands of manufacturers from Europe and America will meet the needs of Chinese visitors

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