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Chinese people are boiling! May apple no longer use Samsung OLEDs in the future

according to the latest news, Apple's newly launched iPhone x uses the OLED screen provided by Samsung. Since its launch, there have been many problems. The appearance of problems such as "screen burning", "uneven brightness distribution" and "green line" also shows the shortcomings of Samsung's screen in quality control


it is reported that apple is considering to cooperate with BOE, China's largest display manufacturer (Bo as it grows older and the impact of the external environment E), to enrich its supply chain. It will not put itself in the position of" being controlled by others ". At the same time, it will be more friendly to the people for its publicity in the Chinese market. After all, China's market share is very important to apple

oled technology is mainly in the hands of Samsung, LG, sharp and other foreign companies. It is expensive and has insufficient capacity. At present, only high-end OLEDs can be used incorrectly. However, with the development of technology 3 With the maturity of friction technology for bearings and marbles, OLEDs will also be applied to the public, which is the general trend. Apple chose domestic enterprises because it recognized the R & D capability of Chinese enterprises and the recognition of made in China. As long as the technical level is reached in China, the production capacity will not be a problem

do you think Apple may not use Samsung OLED in the future

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