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Chinese scientists have developed robot crowds similar to ants for medical purposes

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Chinese scientists have developed a robot population similar to ants for medical purposes

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the robot system developed by Chinese scientists is inspired by ant groups. These ants can jointly complete complex tasks such as capturing large prey

this study, published in the Journal of scientific robotics on Wednesday, describes the fleet of nano robots, which have proved the potential for in vivo diagnosis and treatment at the cellular and even molecular levels

Xiehui, a professor of Harbin Institute of Technology who led the research, told Xinhua that the diameter of a single robot is 2 microns, which is 40 times smaller than hair, so it can pass through capillaries

according to the research, the peanut shaped iron micro robot can provide high flexibility through alternating magnetic field excitation, and jointly perform multiple tasks in a closed environment

Xie said that by adjusting the rotating magnetic field, more than 2 Mode 2: through the frequency of 60million building blocks and their polarization in three-dimensional space, researchers have obtained a series of well controlled, fast and reversible conversions

those formations include liquids, chains, eddies and ribbons. They can form narrow paths or channels to provide heavy loads beyond the capabilities of a single robot

Xie said that robot groups may be used to identify and attack pathological cells, or even stay in the body for health monitoring, providing new tools for early detection and treatment

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