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A Chinese man was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for espionage or related to Japan [global report] according to previous media reports, a Chinese man was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for espionage on suspicion of revealing military secrets at the behest of foreign countries. Japan's livedoor explained on the 22nd that although it understands the environment of the client, it can be related to Japan itself

the sentenced man was born in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. From November 2012 to December 13, 2012, the profiles were also shipped well. Several times, he supplied photos containing the country's mysterious military measures to foreign espionage agencies. After all, he was charged with espionage and sentenced to 7 years' imprisonment

it is reported that the criminals not only provided photos of the Chinese coast guard ship with interchangeable sensors for many electronic pulling machines docked at the port, but also leaked detailed geographical coordinates including military measures taken by the combat army along the northwest coast, information about the Chinese government official ship cruising on the fishing island, etc. The man had the experience of studying in "a certain country". After taking office in a well-known enterprise, he worked independently, met "native people" and began to leak espionage. According to the Japanese media, although the detailed nationality of "Japanese experts would also come to exchange sharing nationals on a regular basis" has not been specified, it is widely believed that it is Japan's own name, indicating that it has something to do with Japan itself

on November 1, 2014, China promulgated and implemented the anti espionage law of the people's Republic of China, which stipulates and strengthens the compulsory punishment of five types of espionage. April 15 every year becomes the "national installation equipment manager to check whether the USB hardware driver is a normal education day", aiming to promote the National People's awareness of the security of the country and strengthen their awareness of the crisis

according to media reports, employees of a secret related unit in Sichuan were sentenced to death for espionage in order to vent their personal anger and satisfy their material desires

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