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According to foreign reports, the Chinese government announced on Tuesday that the production of ultra-thin plastic bags will be banned from June 1, and supermarkets and stores will be prohibited from providing free plastic shopping bags. The State Council issued a notice on the central government's website, saying that China consumes a lot of plastic shopping every year. It requires that the initial cracking period of biodegradable film be slightly longer than 1 bag. Plastic shopping bags not only provide convenience for consumers, but also cause serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution due to excessive use and inadequate recycling

as long-term pollution has seriously threatened air quality and clean water sources, ordinary Chinese citizens have become increasingly worried about environmental problems. However, the new ban may not be universally welcomed

last year, Shenzhen issued a draft policy to prohibit stores from providing free plastic bags, which triggered public debate

shopkeepers worry about losing customers. Some people say that the government should not let residents bear the cost of environmental protection

the regulations of the State Council are similar to the draft of Shenzhen, requiring all stores, supermarkets and market fairs to stop providing free plastic bags from June, and must clearly mark the price of plastic bags

it is advocated to carry cloth bags and vegetable baskets again, so the notice said

the notice also requires that the production, sale and use of ultra-thin plastic bags with a thickness of less than 0.025mm shall be prohibited from June 1, and penalty measures such as fines and confiscation of products and income shall be imposed on enterprises violating the provisions

the circular also requires the financial and tax departments to study and formulate tax policies to curb waste plastic pollution as soon as possible, use tax levers to regulate the production, sales and use of plastic shopping bags, and support and encourage the development of waste plastic comprehensive utilization industry

the circular also requires the environmental sanitation department to accelerate the implementation of classified collection and treatment of domestic waste, and effectively reduce the amount of waste plastics mixed into waste incineration or landfill

it is an international trend to reduce the use of plastic bags. From Ireland, Uganda to South Africa, the government imposes heavy taxes on ultra-thin plastic bags or directly prohibits their use

in other countries, the central government has not taken measures, but many communities have banned plastic bags

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