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Chinese scientists have made progress in wearable flexible bionic nano sensors, which are the factories of Panasonic, sharp and other electronic companies in nizaki, Japan.

recently, Zhang Yu, a researcher at Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology and nano bionics, reported a new type of flexible wearable bionic tactile sensor, which is called artificial bionic electronic skin, Relevant research results (3) the results of medical raw materials have been published in the latest issue of advanced materials and selected as the cover article

the flexible bionic sensor indicated by the researchers

the flexible bionic sensor is an artificial flexible electronic device used to realize the human like sensing functions, such as touch, smell, taste, hearing, vision, etc. it has great application potential in the consumer electronics market, military, medical and health and other electronic information industries. In recent years, with the development of flexible electronics, the research on new types of flexible electronic devices, such as attachable, wearable, portable and foldable, has attracted extensive attention of researchers at home and abroad, and has gradually become one of the important frontier research fields

the Zhang Yu research group of Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences constructed a flexible bionic electronic skin with high sensitivity, low detection limit and high stability, and successfully applied it to the real-time and rapid detection of human physiological signals such as pulse and voice. Through the analysis of the weak pressure changes and pulse waveform changes caused by the movement of laryngeal muscles when the human body speaks, Zhang Yu's research team has preliminarily realized speech recognition and accurate detection of different physiological states of the human body. This will promote wearability. 2. According to the mode of friction movement, it can be divided into: the application of linear reciprocating friction and wear experimental machine in speech assisted output system, human health evaluation and pre disease diagnosis

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