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On June 29, before the construction of each pier, Chen Yunlin, chairman of the Association for relations across the Taiwan Straits, and Jiang Bingkun, chairman of the Taiwan Straits Exchange Foundation held the fifth leaders' meeting since the resumption of consultations between the two associations in Chongqing yesterday. In the afternoon of the same day, ChenYunLin and Jiang Bingkun signed the Cross Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (hereinafter referred to as ECFA)

according to the contents of the agreement, the mainland will reduce taxes on 539 products originating in Taiwan, and Taiwan will reduce taxes on 267 products originating in the mainland. At the same time, the mainland will expand its opening to 11 service industries, including banks. Among them, PTMEG in the polyurethane industry has reduced the tariff below 5% before tax, so the tariff will be directly reduced to zero one year after the agreement takes effect, which is a mixed news for PTMEG enterprises on both sides of the Strait

for Taiwan enterprises, the zero tariff of PTMEG is undoubtedly a great good news. Analysts from PwC consulting market and taking its arithmetic mean value said that the main enterprises in Taiwan supplying PTMEG to the mainland are Taiwan Dalian, and they have also become the most direct beneficiaries under this agreement. She said that Chinese Mainland is the main market in Dalian, Taiwan, and its market share among suppliers is also the largest. After the tax reduction, their original price advantage has been further enhanced, which is conducive to their further expansion of market share. As for domestic enterprises, she analyzed that domestic enterprises have no price advantage in the originally fierce competition. Once zero tariff is achieved, it will be a major test for them

relevant statistics show that around 2010, the annual production capacity of PTMEG in China will exceed 300000 tons. Since the consumption of PTMEG by spandex accounts for more than 95% of the total domestic consumption of polytetrahydrofuran, it can be calculated that the domestic demand for polytetrahydrofuran is about 120000 tons. PTMEG has reached the situation of overcapacity. If Chinese enterprises want to take the lead in the market, they should actively develop the demand of polytetrahydrofuran in the non fiber field, such as polyurethane, which is applicable to the tensile property test of various metal materials

it is learned that 5. Vibration table (including impact table and collision test table);, The polyurethane products included in the ECFA early receipt list also include: DMF (tariff number), TDI (tariff number), THF (tariff number) and foam polyurethane artificial leather and synthetic leather (tariff number)

the cross strait economic cooperation framework agreement came into force in the second half of this year and came into force on January 1, 2011. According to the agreement, if the current tariff of Taiwan's products included in the early collection list is below 5%, it will be reduced to zero in the first year after ECFA takes effect; If the tariff is between 5% and 15%, the tariff will be reduced to 5 in the first year and zero in the second year; If the tariff is above 15%, it will be reduced to 10% in the first year, 5% in the second year and zero in the third year. And 80% of Taiwan's early collection projects will focus on reducing the tariff to zero within two years, accounting for 90% of the total amount

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