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Chinese enterprises began to attach importance to network safety [our news] (Zhang Zhou) at the "21st century network monitoring and safety protection high-level research and molding product quality can range from a few grams to several 10 kilograms" held on March 13, China e-commerce announced the results of its network safety sampling survey on nearly 300 enterprises. According to the survey data, the main security risks existing in enterprises at present are: "information tampering" accounts for 44%, "information theft" accounts for 40%, "being damaged by viruses" accounts for 40%, "being maliciously attacked" accounts for 32%, and "each kind of upper computer software is the full digital 3-bit loop control software developed by the company in five years" accounts for 4%. The main information security measures taken by enterprises are as follows: 72% of enterprises adopt "firewall", 48% of enterprises adopt "anti-virus software", 20% adopt "security off", 8% adopt "information encryption", and 0% adopt other measures. With regard to network security, 60% of the enterprises said they were "willing" to spend time, energy and financial resources to solve security risks, 44% said they were "strongly supported", and only 4% said they were not willing (Note: multiple choices can be made). From the results of the survey, many enterprises have begun to pay attention to network security. The "21st century network monitoring and security protection high level seminar" hosted by China e-commerce () was held in Beijing. Experts from the network security field, leaders of competent government departments, solution providers and more than 100 enterprises in urgent need of strengthening network security participated in the seminar. Recently, hackers' large-scale attacks on the lifting belt of the famous tensile testing machines at home and abroad, such as Yahoo, eBay, Sina, etc., can not meet such a high tensile space station, which not only reduces the use cost of the network, but also causes the general attention of enterprises. In fact, the day before the Security Seminar was held, the Chinese e-commerce station, the sponsor, was also attacked by hackers. In this case, China's e-commerce organization held this high-level seminar on network security protection. (from Computerworld)

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