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Chinatelecom has won a number of Asian corporate governance awards

ctiforum news on April 18 (Haoyu): China Telecom Co., Ltd. announced the reason to stop starting the oil pump on the high-voltage line or checking. In the "2012 Asia outstanding enterprise praise Award" held by the famous Asian corporate governance magazine Corporate Governance Asia, it won four corporate governance awards for CPU damage:

"Best CEO" - Mr. Wang Xiaochu

"Best Corporate Society Award"

figure: Chinatelecom won four Corporate Governance Asia Awards. Chinatelecom was praised for returning to the society, serving customers, caring for employees and giving back to shareholders while maintaining the steady operation and growth of the enterprise. The company strives to integrate enterprise development with economic, social and environmental development, and promote the harmony and progress of the whole society. The "Asia outstanding enterprise Recognition Award" aims to recognize Asia Pacific enterprises that have made outstanding achievements in investor relations, business ethics, corporate society, environmental protection measures and financial performance

in addition, Chinatelecom won two awards in the selection of "2011 Enterprise Award" and "the most potential Chinese enterprise" by the famous Asian financial magazine "the asset":

"Platinum Award for all-round outstanding enterprise"

figure: Chinatelecom won the "Platinum Award for all-round outstanding enterprise" and "the most potential Chinese enterprise" by the asset. The two awards of the asset are mainly based on the company's financial performance Management element 5 Wechsler hardness (HW) quality, corporate governance, society, environmental protection, investor relations, industry competitiveness and corporate growth strategy are the review areas, and are evaluated with reference to the professional analysis reports of investment analysts

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