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Maybe the small porch is easy to be ignored by us, but its importance still exists. According to feng shui theory, the porch is an important barrier to receive money and may also be a place where money and fortune are lost, so the decoration of the porch should not be ignored, but also be paid more attention to. In terms of visual effect, the porch is the first place we see when we enter the door. Whether it is clean or not will directly affect our mood. The design of the porch shoe cabinet is undoubtedly an important weapon to create a perfect and clean porch. Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian has prepared 20 of the most classic porch decoration renderings. You might as well come and enjoy them

many people are used to changing shoes and putting bags as soon as they enter the door, so it is necessary to design a shoe cabinet at the door. This porch decoration effect picture, the lattice cabinet extending from the shoe cabinet, can place all kinds of schoolbags and clothes; The hanging shoe cabinet is not only a good seat for storing shoes, but also a good seat for changing shoes. Such layered design creates a different cloakroom in the corner

it is also a very common design to use the door shoe cabinet as a partition at present, so that you will not see the layout of the whole home as soon as you enter the door. The decoration effect drawing of this doorway shoe cabinet, the pure white shoe cabinet is set in the air, but the simple shoe cabinet makes the porch appear clean and tidy; The glass elements above the shoe cabinet are divided into diamond shapes, fashionable and gorgeous; It would be more perfect to put some decorations on the shoe counter

the irregular porch makes the whole space look very different. The shoe cabinet is placed near the wall in the narrow space, which gives full play to the storage function. The decoration effect of this doorway shoe cabinet shows that the floor cabinet is placed in the corner, and the opposite cabinet door hides the shoes; It is a very wise choice to set up a hook on the wall, which can easily hang clothes and bags; It would be better if you could add some green flowers on the shoe cabinet. As soon as you enter the door, you will smell the fragrance of flowers, which makes you feel happy

at the moment of opening the door, seeing the clean porch also made the irritable mood of the day much better. The decoration effect drawing of this doorway shoe cabinet, the open shoe cabinet design, hides the shoes behind the cabinet door, and the super storage space plays a practical value; The suspended shoe cabinet is designed so that there is a gap between the shoe cabinet and the ground, which can also be used to place shoes. The most surprising thing is the photo decoration on the background wall, which records the beautiful memories; You can also look in the mirror when you go out, smelly and beautiful

most of the time, the shoe cabinet is not only used to load shoes, but also can be used as a partition in the home, so that you won't see the decoration effect drawing of this door shoe cabinet as soon as you enter the door. The pure white shoe cabinet looks simple and comfortable. The shoe cabinet can be divided into two layers, and the upper layer mainly plays a decorative role. The shelf can be used to place some decorations or potted plants, and you can feel the warmth of home when you push the door open; The lower floor mainly plays its practical value. The back of the counter door can carry a lot of shoes, so that the porch remains clean and tidy




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