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Shiyoumumen: attach importance to terminal training and win the market.

recently, shiyoumumen Jiande 400 ㎡ exclusive store was grandly opened. On the eve of the opening, manager Xie of the special sales department of shiyoumumen headquarters carried out a three-day training on product knowledge, sales, installation, service and other contents for the store managers and shopping guides of Jiande exclusive store, striving to provide the most professional product services for local consumers

manager Xie of the headquarters of Shiyou wooden door conducted training for Jiande shopping guides.

Shiyou wooden door implements national flat channel sales and directly faces consumers in the form of terminal stores. Therefore, it has high requirements for the product knowledge, communication ability and service attitude of terminal shopping guides. Any shopping guide of Shiyou wooden door should skillfully master the structure, paint, process and characteristics of each wooden door, have good expression ability, correctly understand the purchase needs of each customer, guide and recommend appropriate products, be able to answer every question raised by the customer tirelessly, and provide accurate installation and maintenance services after the customer purchases, so as to greatly improve customer satisfaction

as a leading brand in the industry, Shiyou wooden door requires that the location, image, decoration, facilities, staffing, etc. of the terminal store are the best in the local area. Since its inception, it has started the market with high standards, established a perfect terminal sales and training system, and strive to create more professional sales skills for dealers and create a better shopping experience for consumers





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